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Hi all– thanks for your patience with my long absence! I’ve missed you! I started graduate school this fall and life’s been mad. I’ll try my best to continue to post when I get the chance. Now to business: have you caught the new pictures of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan‘s daughter Aaradhya?

She’s a cutie.

But I couldn’t help but notice something else in this photo– Aishwarya’s pretty watermelon pink nail polish! Anything that keeps summer around a little longer works for me. To emulate, try OPI Nail Polish in Strawberry MargaritaMAC Nail Lacquer in Steamy, a summer 2012 release, is also a great option.

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How can you not have a girl crush on Natalie Portman? This Hollywood actress has it all– beauty, brains, and talent. Natalie is the perfect makeup muse for women who prefer a look that is delicate, feminine, and a little feline. This breakdown is best suited for those with small and/or narrow faces.


Natalie’s signature makeup look involves a subtle smoked out eye that angles upwards and outwards parallel to her eyebrows. Natalie’s eyebrows play a huge role in making her face as distinctive as it is. You’ll notice they are not rounded or arched, but straight, and actually angle upwards at the ends. She uses this to her advantage with the smokey eye by mimicking their hawkish shape. The shadow extends her eyes, making them look larger and more slanted, drawing attention to them (and away from the rest of her face).

To get her eye makeup look, line the upper and lower waterline completely with a brown eye pencil. Sweep a medium-brown eyeshadow over the lids and outwards to form the shadow cat eye. If desired, use a thin brush to smudge a silver, purple, plum or metallic light brown eyeshadow over the upper and lower lashlines as well. Apply a silver or pearl-toned highlighter under the brow. Curl lashes and apply plenty of mascara.


Avoid bronzers and shimmery blushes and stick with matte pinks and faint reds for the cheeks. If you’re looking to up the drama, go for a “rouge”-d look by sweeping a red blush like MAC Powder Blush in Frankly Scarlet onto the apples of the cheeks (but don’t blend it all over the place, or you’ll look sloppy!). Otherwise, stick with a natural pink that suits your skintone (MAC Powder Blush in Mocha). Natalie’s makeup artists will often strategically apply her blush from the underside of the cheek to beneath the temple to emphasize her cheekbones.


To get Natalie’s classic lip look, skip heavy lipsticks and lip liners and go for sheer formulas in pink and red tones. Natalie is well-known for her environmental advocacy and vegan lifestyle, so why not follow in her footsteps and opt for lip products from an all-natural skincare brand, like Korres Mango Butter Lipstick SPF 10 in Natural Pink. Miss Portman is also a brand ambassador for Dior, so you can’t go wrong there either!

Would you try Natalie Portman’s makeup look? Let me know!

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Good morning ladies! I received a request from Kimmy for a breakdown of Katrina Kaif’s look in the song “Mashallah” from the upcoming YRF film Ek Tha Tiger, co-starring Salman Khan. I knew many of you would also want this look– so here it is!


Sweep a soft, muted plum-brown (MAC Eyeshadow in Quarry) over the lids, blending a little on the outer corners of the lower lashline as well. Using a brown eyepencil, smudge over the outer corners of the lower lashline and into the upper lashline. Curl lashes and apply plenty of mascara.


Use a baby peach blush with a hint of shimmer (MAC Powder Blush in Peachykeen) along the cheekbones and blend with a light application of an illuminator on the apples of the cheeks (MAC Improper Copper is a new favorite of mine– it’s gorgeous on Indian skintones, and a personal favorite of Kareena Kapoor’s as well!).


Apply a beige-pink or peach lipstick (MAC Lipstick in High Tea) and top with a clear lipgloss.

This look is great for the summer, as it combines elements of bronze and illumination on a dewy base– and the eye makeup is pretty no-fuss too! Are you going to try it? Let me know!

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“Less is more.”

Countless celebrities from around the world– including India– quote this tip as their number one secret to beautiful skin and makeup. Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Amrita Arora, Ayesha Takia… you name her, she’s said it! But what does it really mean?

“The lesser you meddle with your skin, the less it meddles with you.” – Juhi Chawla, former Miss India and Bollywood actress

This may seem like strange advice coming from a beauty blog– but it’s the sort of advice your mother and your doctor would give you– the sort of advice you might be tempted to ignore in the face of so many exciting, snazzy, and beautifully-packaged beauty products out there. Which of us hasn’t rushed out to get a new cream or soap or scrub when the one we got just a few weeks ago caused us to break out?

But your skin wasn’t designed to NEED witch hazel, or green tea extract, or a collagen serum, or salicylic acid. It was designed to need the vitamins and minerals you get from a healthy, balanced diet, water, and protection from harsh weather conditions.

That’s pretty much it!

“The less I do to my skin, the better.” – Sonali Bendre, Indian actress, model, and television host

Ultimately our reason for using skincare and makeup products is to have flawless, healthy-looking skin, right? But what if our experimentation with all these products is actually contributing to the problem? It can be almost impossible at times to pinpoint exactly which ingredient in which of the countless products we are using on our faces might be causing our problems. The solution?

Go back to the basics.

Another well-known skincare mantra is “CTM”: cleanse-tone-moisturize. I say we can do better than that. Let’s get it down to “CM”: cleanse-moisturize. Not sure what to use? Use the gentlest products you can find–those that are developed for sensitive skin or for a baby’s skin. Look for products that are fragrance-free.

Ditch the toner— it’s just another product with ingredients that are bound to confuse your skin more than help it! If you’re using toner to mop up the last remains of your makeup, you’re using it for the wrong reason… your makeup should have been removed entirely during the “C” (cleanse) step. Try double-cleansing at night to ensure you have removed all the makeup, sweat and dirt that has accumulated on your skin throughout the day before going to bed.

Think carefully about the rest of your routine as well. How about exfoliator? Your skin knows how to naturally slough off dead skin cells in the right time. Maybe it’s best to let it do its job instead of risking disturbing your skin’s natural equilibrium (and potentially causing small tears in your skin or encouraging an overproduction of sebum)! There’s even a theory that exfoliating the skin accelerates the aging process because it forces the cells to reproduce at a faster rate than they would naturally, eventually causing them to “die”! Oh no!

As for makeup– we all know the less makeup you wear, the better for your skin’s health. No makeup on Earth can match the radiance of natural skin– it merely serves to mimic it. Use concealer, not foundation, to hide flaws. Then begin eliminating or minimizing from there by asking yourself some honest questions. For example: do you need to apply powder on your entire face, or just shine spots (e.g. nose, chin)? Do your dark eyelashes need mascara? (Often just a go with an eyelash curler will suffice for Indian women!) What each woman needs or doesn’t need is unique to her, so take a good hard look at your makeup bag.

For those of us who love makeup and skincare products (and if you’re reading this blog, I know you do!) it takes self-control and discipline to re-learn how to go back to the basics. But it’s worth it– for your wallet, for the health and youth of your skin, and for your self-confidence… because you’ll know what everyone is seeing is the real you!

Hide your imperfections, highlight your assets, and let your natural beauty shine through!

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Saw this photo of Kareena Kapoor prepping for a shoot of her item song in Heroine called “Halkat Jawani” and instantly loved the lip look! To emulate, try MAC Lipstick in CB96, a beautiful frosty pink-orange shade.

Can’t wait for this movie.

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I love you, Femina Magazine India, for finally getting PeeCee out of her maroon lipstick and into a va-va-voom coral-orange shade on your May 2012 cover! Wow! It’s incredible how a new shade of lipstick can instantly energize and refresh this beautiful woman’s face. Are you listening, dearest Priyanka Chopra?!

To get this fresh look for summer, look no further than MAC Lipstick in Vegas Volt.

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And now for the finale of my makeup breakdown request marathon: Chitrangada Singh‘s requisite smokey/smoky eye makeup.

To get the look, prep uber well with concealer under the eyes and wherever else needed. Because you are creating darkness around the eyes, you really need to eliminate it everywhere else on your face. Line the upper and lower waterlines with a black or brown gel eyeliner (I like MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack— it is the only thing that will truly stay in my eyes!). If desired, sweep a medium brown eyeshadow over the eyelids. Next, use a brown eyepencil (my favorite is Revlon; another top-notch brand for eye pencils is Urban Decay), and line the upper and lower lashline. Smudge the liner into the lower lashes. Use a highlighter/illuminator with a slight shimmer under your brow– something like MAC Eye Shadow in Shroom. Apply false eyelashes (a must) and lots of mascara to the upper AND lower lashes.

Now here’s the surprise: the key to this look isn’t the makeup. It’s the colored contacts. The lightness that the colored contacts brings to Chitrangada’s eyes really allows the dark makeup to pop. Try Freshlook Colorblends in Green— I use them on special occasions and they make a world of difference to your look!

Finish with a slightly shimmery bronzer on the cheeks and a nude lipstick that suits your complexion. A few popular options for nude lipsticks for Indian skintones would include MAC Lipsticks in Blankety (to get the look seen on Ms. Singh above), Cherish, Hug Me, Honeylove, Velvet Teddy, Kinda Sexy, or Peachstock. I recommend visiting your local department store makeup counter and speaking with the professionals there to help you find a bronzer and nude lipstick that works best for you– it’s different for everyone, depending on skin color.

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