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Happy holidays! Here’s a Jolie Asie exclusive interview with personal trainer to India’s top stars, Yasmin Karachiwala. Yasmin’s famous clients include Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Arjun Rampal, Kunal Kapoor, and Imran Khan, among others. Without further ado, to the interview:

Meg: You are Bollywood’s reigning fitness superstar! Please tell us a little about your famous clients and the workouts they love. We hear Katrina is into Pilates!

Yasmin: Katrina trains her body differently everyday. One day it could be pilates, and the next functional training, or interval training, or just machines. The look she’s aiming for dictates the workouts I design for her.

Yasmin (pictured at right) with Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif

MegDo you recommend any special foods, supplements or vitamins to your trainees?

Yasmin: I only recommend protein shakes once a day for non-vegetarians and maybe twice for vegetarians, depending on what their current foodplan is. Vitamins, etc. I leave to the doctors to recommend, as they would be the best qualified to do so.

MegYou recommend eating meals every two hours. What are some examples of meals that you suggest?

Yasmin: 3 egg whites and a whole-wheat toast, 1 jowar chappatti with a bowl of eggs and a vati of daal, 1 banana with 3 walnuts.

MegWhat is the best form of exercise for women to burn calories and lose extra weight fast?

Yasmin: A combination of strength training and cardio. I find interval training most effective.

MegWhat is the best form of exercise for women to trim their waistline and tighten and firm their problem areas?

Yasmin: First, to watch what they eat. I find a combination of cardio & Pilates works the best for the abdominals.

MegWhich gives better results for a lean and toned body: Yoga or Pilates?

Yasmin: I would say its different for each person, you need to try both and figure out for yourself which works best for you.

MegWhat should Indian women in particular be doing to live healthier lifestyles? What common diet and fitness mistakes do you find them making—and how can they correct them?

Yasmin: Cut the ghee, butter, [and] milk from their diets which their ancestors swear by. Women need to realize that our ancestors’ lives were far more active than our sedentary ones, with drivers, maids and nannies at our beck and call.
Women need to start strength training, and not just stick to cardio, as more and more women of today are heading towards osteoporosis.

MegWhat forms of exercise do you recommend for older women, who may not be comfortable hitting the gym?

Yasmin: I cannot generalize exercises for older women, as with age comes problems and each one’s is different from another’s. For me, it’s very important to view each client as an individual before I can advise them about any kind of exercise. There are lots of exercises that older women can do at home; my advice to them would be to consult a good trainer and find out which would work for them.

MegWhat can we do in our diets and fitness strategies to improve low energy levels?

Yasmin: Eat every 2 hours, make sure each meal consists of protein, carbs, fiber, don’t eat till you’re gonna burst, stop just short of being stuffed, do some form of exercise at least 3 days a week. I find 1 banana and 3 walnuts work instantaneously on low energy levels.

MegIs there a “best time of day to work out”? If so, is it the morning, afternoon, or evening?

Yasmin: The best time to work out is ‘the time that works best for you’!!

Thanks, Yasmin!

If you are interested in training with Yasmin, visit her website at http://www.bodyimage.in/.

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The grazing diet, in which one takes in several small meals throughout the day as opposed to three large meals, is hugely popular among celebs around the world– from East Asia, to Bollywood, to Hollywood. This method is recommended by nutritionists and fitness experts to keep the metabolism stimulated throughout the day and prevent gorging during any one meal. This means more energy and faster weight loss!

I’ve compiled here for you a meal plan followed by many celebrities, from Katrina Kaif to Sonakshi Sinha. Choose ONE of the meal options for each of the five meals. Be sure that you are picking wisely– if you have brown bread with breakfast, don’t eat it again for your snack. Try and choose snacks that complement one another: instead of having two fruits for both snacks, have one fruit in the morning, and vegetable juice in the afternoon. Strive for balance by including fruits, vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates, and some fats (in moderation) into your meals every day.

Also, learn to rethink portion sizes. Because you are eating five meals, your portion sizes must be smaller (fewer calories) than they would be if you were only eating three. This may involve some challenging realigning of your thinking– it might feel strange having only one roti with dinner, but remember that you’ve been munching throughout the day!

Be sure to stay hydrated from morning to night by drinking water and sipping green or white tea.

8 AM


  • Eggs and paratha/roti (Indian flatbread)
  • Egg whites and porridge
  • Egg whites and muesli
  • Oatmeal and fruit
  • Egg and toast
  • Cereal

10 AM

Mid-morning snack:

  • Vegetable juice
  • Sprouts
  • Protein shake (recommended protein powder: whey protein)
  • Fruit

12 PM


  • Dal (lentils) and roti or brown rice
  • Salad and soup
  • Roti and vegetables
  • Fish and bread (recommended fish: salmon)
  • Chicken and salad
  • Protein shake with juice

Between 2 & 4 PM

Afternoon snack:

  • Brown bread with peanut butter
  • Tahini with whole-wheat pita bread
  • Fruit
  • High-fiber crackers with chicken cold cuts
  • Skim milk and nuts (almonds, walnuts; throw in a few dates and figs)
  • Yogurt
  • Buttermilk
  • Vegetable juice
  • Sprouts
  • Protein shake

6 PM


  • Dal and roti or brown rice
  • Salad and soup
  • Roti and vegetables
  • Fish and soup
  • Chicken and salad

Do not eat carbs, sweets, or other heavy foods after 7 PM. Consume only fruit after this time (if you are hungry). If you’d like dessert after dinner, try a piece of antioxidant-rich, low-sugar dark chocolate.

Best of luck!

Everyone loves grazing!

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Anushka Sharma revealed her secret to beautiful skin on the UTV Stars show “Live My Life”: a healthy juice made of fruits and vegetables! She says her mother has had her take it every morning for years to keep her skin and her system clean and clear. Her superfan Nayab got to try this homemade concoction- I don’t think he liked it much, but if it can impart some of that Anushka glow, I’d give it a shot any day!

The drink (shown above) is a beautiful deep mulberry color; it looks frothy and thin, so its contents have probably been put through a juicer. The drink consists of: cucumber, carrot, apple, amla (Indian gooseberry), and beetroot. Let us know if you try it!

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Want to know how to get a great body like the Miss India competitors? Listen to Mickey Mehta, dietician to the stars. Mickey has trained and groomed such Indian superstars as Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Diana Hayden, Yukta Mookhey, Dia Mirza… the list goes on and on! He is also the official trainer for the Miss India competition.

Mickey has revealed the diet he prepares for the contestants as they train for the beauty pageant. Says Mickey:

“The diet given to them is as follows:


  • Green tea with ginger, crushed black pepper, cloves and cinnamon (the crushed pepper, clove and cinnamon must be very minimum)
  • ½ sweet lime (moosambi) before work out
  • Unstrained and unrefined orange juice immediately after work out


  • Oats with little jaggery
  • Nestle slim milk and nuts (almonds/ walnuts/dry figs/dates…very few dry figs and dates)


  • Vegetable juice of lauki or bottle gourd + spinach + tomato + carrot + beetroot (less of carrots and beet)


  • Brown rice + dal + vegetables + salad
  • Alternate days: Jowar roti + veg + dal + salad


  • Vegetable juice + 1 orange or sweet lime (whole)


  • Choice of seasonal Indian vegetables + Chinese stir fried vegetables + a bowl of thick soup (cauliflower, carrot, cabbage, spinach, lauki and other mixed vegetables)
  • 1 slice of papaya (this may be supplemented with more fruits, nuts or dry fruits)”
Cool advice, right? Now, this diet can be difficult to follow without the help of a professional, so use your judgment. Mickey also implements breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, pranayam, calisthenics, and agility drills to get the girls in shape.

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Navigating the world of vitamins and supplements can be confusing. Here’s my advice for the vitamins you should be including in your daily routine for healthier, softer, and smoother skin and hair!

If you are not already including vitamins in your health regimen, I strongly advise you start. While eating a healthy diet can provide much of the nutrients you need for the day, we are not always able to get our necessary servings of fruits, vegetables and proteins in on an exacting basis. A daily multivitamin can help fill in the gaps. I recommend One A Day Women’s Multivitamins. It’s specially formulated for women to include the needed amounts of calcium and Vitamin D; it also includes Vitamins A, C, copper, and iron, among other nutrients, to support healthy skin. I take my One A Day at night after dinner. Because it has iron, do not take it on an empty stomach!

For added benefits, I include a Vitamin B-Complex with Vitamin C supplement in the morning. The B vitamins are very important for reducing inflammation, acne, and other skin disorders. It is also great for metabolism and an incredible energy booster. It is so effective at providing energy, in fact, that if I take it later in the day (afternoon or evening), I’ll be up at night, wide awake as an owl!

The added Vitamin C is wonderful for immune support; its anti-oxidant powers are crucial for glowing, bright skin. Vitamin C is also important for building and supporting collagen.

Perhaps the most significant member of my medicine cabinet is fish oil. Since I started taking fish oil- one capsule in the morning, another at night- my skin and hair have improved wonderfully.

My hair, once coarse and prone to split-ends despite copious conditioning and care, is now soft, completely frizz-free, and super healthy! I often don’t even need to use conditioner, it’s that smooth! My skin, which would suffer from the cold and harsh winters from incredibly dryness, now is completely moisturized from within. Even moisturizer is barely necessary for me. I would recommend fish oil for absolutely anyone who has dry skin or dry hair to transform themselves to radiant goodness!

Fish oil is also a popular supplement for acne-sufferers; it can regulate the production of oil in the skin to achieve a healthy balance, clearing up pore blockage and regulating combination skin.

Do you take vitamins and supplements? Let us know your results!

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My numero uno secret to staying uber-healthy is apple cider vinegar. I used to get chronic throat and sinus infections every time the weather changed, and I hated taking antibiotics! Nothing says unattractive like a froggy throat and stuffy nose. I did extensive research on home remedies for illnesses and came upon the King of Grandma’s Medicine Cabinet: apple cider vinegar.

As soon as I feel a little under the weather, I take a tablespoon of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water. Voila! I am feeling great in no time at all; I simply don’t get sick. In fact, since I started drinking ACV a few years ago, I have never been sick- not a cold, a flu, fever, infections, nothing! ACV clears my sinuses up like a vacuum, gives me a huge burst of energy, and helps my immune system battle any foe.

Apple cider vinegar is a popular remedy for countless troubles beyond sniffles, though- people have cited it as fixing their problems with joint pain, acne, stomach flu, you name it! Danqing’s grandparents always recommend she drink ACV when she is visiting them in China to prevent food poisoning. ACV is also a popular weight-loss helper for celebrities, as it curbs appetite. Read more about the wonderful healing powers of ACV here.

The vinegar may be sour, but its rewards are sweet! Bon appetit!

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Partying can take a huge toll on your skin, for a number of reasons. Let’s go over these reasons, dispel a few myths, and talk about some tips for staying gorgeous while having fun.

Reason #1: Alcohol dehydrates your cells

Alcohol basically strips your cells of their moisture and leaves your skin crying for water! When your skin is dehydrated, toxins take hold and cause blemishes and spots; furthermore, dry cells means wrinkly, tired, dull skin!

Reason #2: Alcoholic drinks often contain sugar… lots of it

Mixed drinks and fruity cocktails are loaded with sugar, which is the ultimate skin sin. Consuming sugar causes pimples by stimulating the hormones that lead to increased sebum (junk in your skin) and blocked pores.

Reason #3: The effects of alcohol can lead to poor beauty behaviors

Hollywood actress Freida Pinto says it best: “Always, even if you’re extremely tired, drunk, hungover, whichever it is, take your makeup off before you go to sleep because that can really ruin your skin, when you sleep with your makeup on.” This includes eyeliner and mascara!

Also, if your hair is full of spray and product when you crash from a night of glamorous partying, try and tie it up away from your face. You don’t want to be smushing all of those chemicals onto your skin while you snooze.

Now on to a few myths

Myth #1: “I drink beverages with lower alcohol content like beer and wine, so they won’t impact my skin.”

Truth: Not true- alcohol is still alcohol! And because it’s more likely that wine-drinkers will consume larger quantities, it may actually be causing extra harm. What’s more, beer is full of sugars– even if they don’t seem sweet.

Myth #2: “I drink mixed drinks with vodka and juice, so I am staying hydrated and protecting against the effects of the alcohol.”

Truth: Fruit juice, Kool-Aid, soda, iced tea, it’s all full of sugar. That’s what makes it taste so delicious! So even if you are consuming 16 ounces or more of liquids, think about how many grams of sugar you’re getting with it. And vodka, like beer, does impact hydration and metabolism in the body.

So what can you do to still have fun and protect your skin?  Here are some tips to follow:

Tip #1: Drink in Moderation

First things first, the easiest way to protect your skin from alcohol is to simply abstain from drinking. That being said, alcohol is a popular aspect of an active social life, so eliminating it may be impractical for you. Just keep this adage in mind: “everything  in moderation”. It’s fine to have some wine with dinner or go out on a Friday night, just keep yourself in check. Binge drinking or partying several nights a week can have negative effects on all aspects of your life, and it will, without a doubt, harmfully impact your skin.

Tip #2: Hydrate

If you are planning to drink, proactively counter the negative effect alcohol has on your skin by hydrating. This is not a cure-all, but it certainly helps! Drink lots of water while you’re out and before you’re going to bed. Keep a water bottle or glass of water by your bed for easy hydrating. You can also drink ultra-hydrating and delicious coconut water!

Tip #3: Stick to Your Beauty Routine

I touched on this before, but I’ll say it again: stick to your beauty routine. Don’t ever go to bed without removing your makeup, washing your face, and applying your moisturizer (also, brushing your teeth is a must). Being drunk is not an excuse!

I personally recommend taking a shower after going out and before going to bed, but if that’s not for you, please remember to wash your face and tie back your hair!

Follow these tips the next time you drink to protect your skin and remember, everything in moderation!

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