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Reigning queen of Bollywood Kareena Kapoor Khan is no stranger to the spotlight. Born into one of Bollywood’s oldest acting clans, the Kapoor family, Kareena was raised on film sets. Her sister, Karisma Kapoor, was a leading actress of ’90s cinema, and when Kareena– nicknamed Bebo– entered the industry, no one expected anything less than superstardom.

During her 12-year career, Bebo has garnered acting awards, critical acclaim (Omkara), and won the hearts of the masses (Jab We Met). In her recent marriage with actor Saif Ali Khan, Kareena has added the powerful “Khan” surname to the already weighty “Kapoor”– a sure indicator of greater heights to come.


Kareena with sister Karisma (left) and mother Babita (center)

Kareena has been long envied for her fair, luminous complexion. She attributes her glowing skin to genetics (“My mom is beautiful, so it is also my parents who have gifted me with beautiful skin”) and drinking plenty of water throughout the day (“I try to drink at least 6-8 glasses of boiled water every day”). Kareena adds, “I also do little things to help my skin…. I use as little makeup as possible in my films as well as in daily life. The first thing I do after coming back from the sets is to get rid of the war paint.”

The striking actress takes a less-is-more approach to skincare, proclaiming that she “doesn’t believe in facials” and avoiding pancake makeup and creams for their chemical content. She uses a Lancome face wash and moisturizes with Sisley Hydra-Global Intense Anti-Aging Hydration Moisturiser and Clarins HydraQuench Rich Cream in cold weather. She chooses a Clarins sunscreen when she hits the beach. Among fragrances, she loves Jean Paul Gaultier and prefers Un Jardin en Méditerranée by Hermes for special occasions.

Bebo is a very vocal advocate for vegetarianism, which she was turned on to by ex-boyfriend and fellow co-star Shahid Kapoor. Says Kareena: “I don’t eat meat and that has helped me a lot to keep fit. I am proud to be a vegetarian and I am against those who eat meat. Go green to be fit, that’s the best way for me at least.” Speaking more specifically about her diet plan, she says, “[I] believe in eating lots of green vegetables, like spinach, fenugreek and broccoli. I eat healthy meals with lots of whole grains and don’t cut down on carbs. I eat every 2-3 hours. At night, I usually have dal, vegetables, curd and roti or brown rice.”

Kareena’s dietician Rujuta Diwekar, who helped get her in “size zero” shape for her famous bikini scene in the 2008 film Tashan, revealed that the secret to Bebo’s hot bod was “hot yoga, Pilates, cardio and a wholesome, healthy diet”.

This special weight loss diet program (lasting eight months) included “upma, poha, parantha (without oil) or milk and muesli for breakfast. In the afternoon, [Kareena snacked] on a brown bread sandwich. Lunch was roti, sabji and dal (without oil). An evening snack was either upma or idli. Dinner was again roti, sabji, dal or soup.” Kareena also consumed calcium and vitamin B supplements and snacked on packets of peanuts, chana, yogurt, and soymilk.

Kareena practicing yoga with her husband and fitness instructor

Nowadays, to keep her figure trim and fit, Kareena performs ashtanga and power yoga for an hour every day. On days that she is working, she does 80 suryanamaskars (sun salutations); on days she is not working, she completes 100 suryanamaskars.


1) Nude, flawless skin

Kareena is always at her best when she is flaunting her perfect peaches ‘n’ cream complexion. “During the day,” admits Bebo, “I like to wear no makeup at all.” To emulate, keep eye and lip makeup at a minimum (often, Kareena keeps sunglasses on and lets her skin do the talking). Use a matte powder foundation (like MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation) or a concealer followed by a translucent powder to keep the skin from looking oily. Apply a lip balm without shine to finish. You’ll want to look like you’re not wearing makeup. Be sure to keep your hair (and eyebrows) well-groomed for this look, or else you’ll risk looking sloppy, instead of effortless.

2) Shades of bronze and peach

Kareena’s go-to makeup look includes kohl-lined eyes, a peachy lipstick, and peachy-bronze blusher. As Kareena told Vogue India: “My eyes have never failed me. So I usually concentrate on doing them up. For a night out, I accentuate them with a shimmery silver or champagne eyeshadow. I love a smoky-eyed look with Yves Saint Laurent Wood Brown Long-Lasting Eye Pencil.” She also uses Chanel Noir Le Crayon Kohl (“I can’t live without my kohl pencil.”) She curls her lashes and uses “lots of Yves Saunt Laurent Faux Cils Mascara“.

“One makeup trick I believe in,” says Kareena, “is to use bronzer…that’s because I love a dusky complexion.” In her handbag she always carries her favorite MAC Improper Copper Cream Colour Base, and for her lips, she chooses a pale peach or pink lipstick– often MAC Cherish Lipstick or MAC Viva Glam V Lipstick, which she says “goes with anything”.

3) Red lips, black liner

This heroine is not afraid to go bold with her lipstick (remember Chameli?), which is all well and good, because she knows how to rock a red lip. Kareena experiments with her reds, choosing anything from a deep, bluish matte red to a semi-matte bright orange red. Head to the makeup counter and pick one that suits your skintone! Finish the look with a matte bronzer under the cheekbones and a sweep of black gel eyeliner (MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack) to form a subtle cat-eye. Curl your lashes and apply lots of mascara.


“I love oiling my hair with a mix of almond, castor, coconut and olive oils,” says Kareena. “I do this once a month. I use a Kerastase shampoo specifically for dry hair, and follow it with a blow-dry.”

Kareena keeps her hair long and layered, colored in a dark chocolate brown or black shade. Celebrity hairstylist Pompy Hans says of Bebo’s preferred hair style: “She prefers bouncy blow-dry for her everyday look. We use good voluminising products like L’Oreal or Tigi. I use a root booster and volume hairspray.” On her off-days, he says, she likes to messily pile her hair up with a rubber band.

And that’s how you can use diet, exercise, makeup, and hair styling to look just like Bollywood celebrity Kareena Kapoor Khan. Let us know what you think and if there are any other celebrities you’d like to learn more about!

Sources for this post included (in no particular order): Vogue India, Bwood Beauty, Wonderwoman.in, Masala, and Pinkvilla.

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This is your comprehensive, step-by-step guide to looking like your favorite Hindi film heroine– from Aishwarya to Katrina, Priyanka to Deepika, Kareena to Madhuri. If you want to look like a movie star, a celebrity, or a model, you’ve come to the right place. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to glamorous in no time at all!

Lesson One: Grooming

The biggest difference between a superstar and the average girl is grooming. These beauty queens are scrubbed, polished, mani- and pedicured, and coiffed to perfection on a daily basis. This step is the most simple, but also the most time-consuming. Girls, if you want to look fabulous, remember to:

1. Remove ALL excess facial and body hair

I know, it’s not fun. But the difference it makes will be pretty astounding. Most Bollywood actresses probably undergo laser hair removal to permanently remove their facial and body hair. Because laser hair removal is not an option for everyone, here are some other approaches to consider:

Face: Use a depilatory cream for the cheeks, chin, and sideburns. Use tweezers to pluck your eyebrows and upper lip. I do not recommend threading (unsanitary) and waxing (pulls skin), particularly because of the risk of ingrown hairs.

Hairline: This is probably one of the most overlooked hair removal areas for Asian women especially. The hairline, along the forehead, often produces short hairs (one to two inches long) that are thin and unable to grow. These can look sloppy and ruin many hairstyles. Take care of these with a small pair of scissors, and tweezers where appropriate. As for the back of the neck, you can try trimming these short hairs with scissors and carefully following it up with an epilator or depilatory cream.

Bikini area: Brazilian wax (costly but effective) or scissors plus an epilator (with caution) and a razor as needed.

Body (including underarms, arms, legs, back, stomach): Epilator. You can try a regular epilator (plug into the wall) or a wet/dry epilator (can be used in the shower). It’s useful to have both; the regular is more effective and the results last longer, but the wet/dry is far more convenient and less noisy. Waxing is effective, but you must wait for the hair to grow long to remove it again. I don’t recommend shaving, as it’s a temporary fix and the hair will grow back spikier.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating involves scrubbing dead skin cells from your skin to reveal smooth, healthy skin from underneath. There are two types of exfoliation: physical and chemical.

Face: For the face I recommend chemical exfoliation, as physical exfoliation (scrubs) can cause minute tears in your delicate facial skin. Try daily toners or natural, organic chemical exfoliation with a lemon juice and honey face mask once a week. Exfoliation can help skin look fair and bright by removing tans.

Body: Sugar/salt/powder scrubs can be fun to make or buy, but the most cost-effective method is to use a dry brush to scrub your entire body before stepping into the shower. Do this once or twice a week. To lighten dark skin patches around the elbows and knees, apply lemon juice for a bleaching effect.

3. Cleanse

It is worth adding that you must always maintain proper hygiene. Shower every day, use a deodorant, and wash your hair every other day. Never, ever go to bed at night without washing off every trace of your makeup. Brush your teeth twice a day with a whitening toothpaste and floss in the evening. If your teeth are very stained, use a round of whitening strips once or twice a year. These are simple but necessary steps to looking and feeling beautiful.

4. Moisturize

You’ll never see a Mumbai superstar walking around with an ashy, dry complexion. Apply a moisturizer to your face twice a day, morning and night. If it suits your skin type, include a face and body sunblock/sunscreen (SPF) in your skin care regimen. Use a richer, heavier night cream, serum, or oil for anti-aging benefits during the night. Always apply moisturizer to your body after you have showered. I recommend using baby oil gel for ultimate moisturization; it also leaves a slight sheen to the skin without being greasy. You can also use a shea or cocoa butter lotion to help with stretch marks. Use a hand cream to keep your hands soft.

5. Maintain your nails

Keep your nails well-groomed on both your hands and feet. Opt for a French manicure (you can do this at home with a white polish French manicure pen and a clear or pale pink nail polish) for an elegant, versatile and womanly look.

6. Pamper yourself

Celebrities and socialites love to indulge in regular facials and massages once a month. Massages in particular can be especially good for reviving the body and relaxing the mind, as well as stimulating blood circulation to the skin for a youthful glow. Give yourself a facial with an all-natural aloe vera face mask.

Lesson Two: Makeup

MAC Cosmetics is Bollywood’s premiere choice for makeup; the majority of actresses rely on MAC Cosmetics for their film and event appearances. Follow these makeup tips and look ready to star in the next Karan Johar or Aditya Chopra picture!

1. Use concealer and foundation

To conceal undereye darkness and blemishes, use MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer in a shade that matches your skin color (or is one shade lighter).

Even out and perfect your skintone with MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation in a shade that matches your skin color. It is very, very important to get a perfect match, so have a friend or a professional MAC makeup artist help you select the right shade. If your makeup is the wrong color, it will be obvious in real life and in photographs (your skin will look grayish and sickly). Don’t let that happen! Apply a translucent powder to blot oil if necessary throughout the day.

2. Apply eye makeup

To get the famous Bollywood heroine look, sweep a matte medium-brown eyeshadow (MAC Eye Shadow in Folie) over the lid and blend up past the crease, fading halfway to the brow. Using a black gel eyeliner (MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack), line your lower waterline and lower lashline. Use a smudgy black pencil (MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder) to line the upper lashline generously. Use a matte black eyeshadow (MAC Eye Shadow in Carbon) and blend it into the upper lashes. Sweep outwards just a touch to create a small winged effect. Curl lashes (apply false eyelashes for full effect) and apply mascara.

The preferred colored contact lenses of the movie industry are Freshlook Colorblends in Green.

3. Apply blusher and/or bronzer

Three top-used Bollywood blushes to include in your makeup bag are: MAC Powder Blush in Gingerly, MAC Powder Blush in Mocha, and MAC Powder Blush in Pink Swoon. Also invest in a matte bronzer like MAC Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze.

4. Apply lipstick

Indian actresses tend to favorite natural, brown-based pink, brown-based peach, and neutral pink lipsticks. To complete your makeup look, try these B’wood favorites: MAC Lipstick in Twig, MAC Lipstick in Mocha, MAC Lipstick in Touch, MAC Lipstick in Fast Play, and MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam VI. For evening looks, experiment with a red lipstick.

Lesson Three: Hair

1. Cut/grow your hair about four to five inches past shoulder length

Bollywood actresses typically keep their hair about this length (reaching just past the bust area). Have your hair dresser cut your hair in layers for added volume and character. If your hair is too thick, ask the salon to “thin out” your hair. They will use a specific type of scissor that will cut the hair in a way that makes it appear less bushy.

2. Be a brunette or a black-haired beauty

Some actresses and models will keep their hair its natural black or dark chocolate color, but many will have their hair professionally dyed a rich mahogany brown, or brown with some lighter highlights. If you want to lighten your hair, seek professional help.

3. Learn to blow dry and curl your hair

The gorgeous ladies of tinsel town will often step out with a magnificent blowout, with locks shining and not a frizzy strand in sight. Learn to use hot rollers, a hair dryer, a curling iron, and a straightening flat iron to style your hair in different ways. Most often, the actresses keep their hair down, and save the up dos, buns and ponytails for rare occasions.

4. Take good care of your hair

Most actresses’ top beauty secret to keep their tresses healthy and gleaming is hair oil massages. Celebs also swear by Kérastase hair products. Apply conditioner after shampooing and use heat protection products before hot styling. Avoid washing too often by using a dry shampoo between washes to prevent oiliness.

Lesson Four: Lifestyle and Presentation

1. Your body is your temple

Maintain a healthy diet, consuming lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and an adequate amount of protein. Exercise at least four times a week; include yoga and Pilates in your workout routine. Get at least eight hours of sleep a night. Stay hydrated with water and white or green tea throughout the day. Take daily multivitamins and fish oil capsules every day. Limit consumption of skin sins like alcohol, cigarettes, fatty, processed foods and (perhaps most importantly) sugar.

2. Posture and comportment

Do not slouch. Keep your head held high and your back straight throughout the day. Do not sit with your legs spread out or in an unladylike manner. Do not make silly or unflattering faces or voices. Do not laugh in an unattractive way. Practice the smile you will use in front of the camera when pictures are being taken. Do not be photographed while eating or drinking.

3. Attitude

Stay positive and upbeat! Smile! Be friendly– do not scowl, glare, or sulk. Goodness and kindness lend a woman (or a man) a special poise and beauty that go beyond the physical appearance. Reject the concept of “stress” and embrace inner calm. Take time to enjoy your life and appreciate the gifts you have been given, including your family and friends. Work diligently and efficiently, and keep your face and body relaxed to avoid creating tension in the body, mind, and soul. Have a passion, goals, and ambitions; the determination and motivation you feel towards realizing your dreams will show in the sparkle of your eyes.

4. Master the arts

Practice singing and dancing. Singing will develop and give you command over your voice, making it more melodious, even, and attractive. Dancing will make you more graceful, less clumsy, and will tone and firm your body. Gracefulness of the figure can be expressed in even the slightest movements– from the tilt of the head, to the movement of the hands, to the sway of the hips.

5. Dress in a feminine, professional manner

Bollywood actresses are popular symbols of South Asian femininity. They dress in feminine clothing– skirts, blouses, Western and Eastern dresses, tailored pants, stylish jackets– and accessorize with jewelry, high heels, and purses. Avoid sloppy, ill-fitted, tawdry, or dirty outfits. Respect yourself and others will respect you. Refer to our Jolie Asie “How to Dress Like” guides for more information on putting together a suitable wardrobe.

Whether you want to look like Kajol, Sonakshi Sinha, Sridevi, Rani Mukherjee, or Sonam Kapoor, remember that Bollywood heroines come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. What’s important is how you take care of yourself, how you present yourself, and how you feel about yourself.

You are beautiful– now let the world know!

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Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie, like her exquisite Eastern counterpart Aishwarya Rai, has the kind of flawless beauty and breathtaking perfection that no beauty secret can duplicate. That won’t stop us from trying, though!


Angelina’s diet consists of the usual staples adored by celebrities around the world: steamed fish, vegetables and soymilk. Fish is an amazing anti-inflammatory and its omega-3s promote glowing, soft skin and silky hair. Vegetables provide fiber and vitamins, and soy milk can help with acne-prone skin and provides necessary minerals and calcium. She often consumes healthy soups, which are a great way to stay hydrated and consume veggies and beans in one go. Angie also tries to avoid smoking many cigarettes and drinking sugar with her coffee.

To stay fit, Angelina likes to switch it up, preferring yoga and Pilates to lose post- pregnancy pounds, and otherwise spending time on the treadmill, kickboxing, canoeing, street fighting, push-ups, and playing contact sports. The best way to exercise is to add variety to your routines, so you don’t get bored and you constantly work out new muscles in different ways.

According to makeup artist Toni Garavaglia, Angelina Jolie never uses harsh soaps to wash her face, applies lotion liberally, and always wears SPF. She chooses Colbert MD Nutrify and Protect Day age-defying cream for her delicate facial skin. She has also been known to use La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and Lierac Paris’s Aqua-D Multivitamine Tinted Emulsion. Another favorite skincare brand of Angie’s is YonKa, from which she uses the Advanced Optimizer Creme Serum, as well as its Huile Corps and La Baume Body. During her pregnancy, she indulged in products from Bella Mama, a luxury cream line designed for maternity. Clearly, the actress likes to experiment with her skincare products– but she almost always keeps it high-end. Ironically, her most famous feature– her lips– are kept plump and hydrated by the popular drugstore lipbalm Blistex.

Angelina is famous for shunning plastic surgeons and opting for natural beauty, but she does like to indulge and experiment in new-fangled beauty procedures, including derma rolling (a do-it-yourself treatment using a hand-held device covered with needles), caviar-based full body treatments and facials (believed to reduce the appearance of veins), and fraxel-laser treatments.

As for scents, Angie prefers clean, masculine fragrances. She has worn Carolina Herrerra’s Herrerra for Men since she was sixteen. She also wears Bvlgari Black and CREED Love in White.


Angelina Jolie uses Clé de Peau Beauté concealer to conceal darkness and to “let her skin breathe while still perfecting it”. She also has been known to use Laura Mercier Secret Camoflauge. She follows up with Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup, an oil-free medium-coverage liquid foundation. According to makeup artist Eugenia Weston, Angelina “likes natural colours [and] nude lips. But she never wears blusher.”

“I always wear a little makeup,” a younger Angelina told Vogue Magazine. “Well, not always. When I’m tan, especially, I go natural. The only makeup I always wear– and this is going to sound funny, but my lips on their own are bright red, which I hate– is gray lipstick.” Angelina once informed the press her favorite lipstick was Urban Apothecary‘s “Charm”; she also uses Chantecaille Brilliante Glosses in Love and Charm.

Angelina is famous for her pouty lips and subtle black winged cat eyes. To emulate, prep with concealer, a tinted moisturizer or light-to-medium-coverage foundation, and translucent powder where needed to mattify. The look you are going for is natural and clean– not pancake! Angelina always lets her skin glow from underneath her makeup. You do not need to apply a blush, but you can use a subtle matte bronzer under your cheekbones if you would like.

Keep your lip color simple, natural, and sheer, to allow your eyes to shine. Choose lipsticks and lipglosses in nude, pink, and peach shades. If you’re going for a high-impact, “red carpet” look, choose a red semi-matte lipstick (like NARS Jungle Red).

Angelina usually keeps her eye makeup simple and straightforward, allowing her emerald green eyes to do all the talking. Using a liquid or gel eyeliner, line the upper eyelid and form a wing. Curl lashes and apply mascara.


Angelina washes and conditions her hair with Aveda products and uses Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment on her hair to keep it sleek, shining and healthy. The model-actress will often highlight her hair in lighter shades of brown for interest, as seen at left– or dye her locks a rich mahogany, as seen above.

Angelina will often wear her brunette mane in elegant up-dos, teased in the front or back for height, slicked back, or in loose, womanly curls reminiscent of Kate Middleton’s famous hairstyle. If you are looking to emulate Angelina’s hair styles, be prepared to spend some time perfecting the look with a hair dryer, a round brush, and lots of hair spray!

Sources for this post included (in no particular order): Diva Village, Celebrity Beauty Buzz, Perfume Shrine, Belfast Telegraph, Yahoo!, Celebrity Diet Rules, Elle, Beauty Channel, Our Vanity, Examiner, and Beauty and Makeup Tips.

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Want to learn how to look like Bollywood actress and star Rani Mukerji? Here is your comprehensive how-to guide on Rani Mukerji’s beauty secrets, makeup mantras, and hair styling tips.

Ask anyone and they’ll agree that Rani Mukherjee is the most talented actress Bollywood has had in a over a decade. She has delivered a series of critically-acclaimed box office hits, the most notable being Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black. Rani is often featured in gossip tabloids for her alleged relationship with Yash Raj Films director Aditya Chopra, whom she is rumored to be marrying in the near future.

Known for her raspy voice, petite frame, and honey-colored eyes, this “Khandala” girl has held and will hold the hearts of men and women across India for years to come.


The three pillars of Rani’s beautiful bod are: a diet of homemade food, loads of fluids throughout the day, and yoga.

Rani loves rice and dal and Bengali fish curry made by her mother (UTV Stars). According to one source, “Rani who lost all the extra flab with “a balanced diet and junking sweets”, lives on “home-cooked food – dal, roti, salad and soup.” Fastfood and colas are a no-no, instead it’s “nariyal pani, nimbu pani, jal jeera and water” (Bwood Beauty).

Rani drinks water like a fish— one report claims she drinks 4 liters (132 ounces) a day! Now, I wouldn’t recommend drinking that much, but be sure to stay hydrated to keep your skin looking fresh. She also enjoys drinking nariyaal pani (coconut water) and green tea.

To lose weight for a movie in recent years, Rani trained with celebrity fitness instructor Satya Chaurasiya, who revealed the diet plan she used to lose extra pounds:

  • Early morning: Aloe vera juice, (after some time) a shot of karela juice, and half a banana before work-out
  • Breakfast: 1 egg white, muesli, 1 glass of fruit juice
  • Lunch: 1 chapati (flat bread), boiled vegetables, and salad
  • Dinner: (always taken before 8:30 p.m.) 1 chapati, boiled vegetables

In between meals, Rani snacked on soup and green tea (Indusladies).

Rani works out for about an hour and a half at the gym doing cardio exercises, and follows it up with yoga. She trains with another celebrity exercise favorite, Payal Gidwani. Reports Cinefolks: “At first Rani had a heavy lower body. She [could] only do 5-10 Suryanamaskars and had very weak nerves. As a result, stretching would direct to cramps.

To enlarge her cardiovascular stamina, Payal had to include simple cardio exercises like getting Rani to walk up and down the stairs of her bungalow.

Now Rani has not only lost the extra kilos but can simply do 100 Suryanamaskars or 2,000-2,500 Kapalbhati in a go and can also hold on to Asanas for 1 minute. Her breathing system has also improved.”

Rani shares little about her skincare routine, save this: “I don’t take any special care of my eyes. Except when I’m feeling tired, I use an eye toner, which is rose water. And it really helps because after that, my eyes do feel cool and clear. That’s my secret” (Bwood Beauty).

We also know that Rani’s favorite perfume is Stella by Stella McCartney (and that her favorite used to be Ralph Lauren Polo Sport– a men’s fragrance!) (UTV Stars).


1) Matte foundation, bronze touches

First and foremost: if you really want to look like Rani, stick with products from MAC, her favorite makeup brand. You can’t go wrong! Try starting with MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation SPF 15, a popular medium-coverage liquid foundation. Top with a sheer colored powder (MAC Select Sheer / Loose Powder) to give your skin a matte finish– you won’t ever see Rani looking oily!

Embrace a dusky complexion by finishing with a matte bronzer one shade darker than your skin tone, like MAC Matte Bronze Bronzing Powder, applied in the hollows under your cheekbones.

2) Work a smoky eye

Post-Chalte Chalte, Rani is almost never seen without a smoky eye. The glamorous look was gifted to Rani by MAC makeup artist Mickey Contractor (shown above), and was it the best present ever, or what? Rani’s light eyes pop with inky shades of black, blue, and purple blended around them.

Go bold and try a blue gel liner paired with brown shadows, as pictured below (MAC Fluidline in Waveline). Be sure to check out our breakdown of Rani’s makeup in Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna for more on the smoky eye. For added oomph, pair the look with hazel colored contacts.

3) Wear a neutral brownish-pink lipstick

Because Rani loves to wear dramatic eye makeup, she chooses to keep her lip color natural and muted. To emulate, try MAC Lipstick in Twig and MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam V.


Luckily for us plebians, the Queen of Bollywood keeps her hair simple and unadorned, making it easy to replicate.

To get hair like Rani Mukherjee, simply grow it out as long as you like and color it a deep, rich mahogany! She likes to part her hair far to the right for added volume at the top. Rani’s hairstylist, Avan Contractor, cuts her hair in long layers, often with a subtle face frame for added interest around her face.

For lazy days, go ahead and straighten your hair, or braid it. When dressing it up, trying blowing it out and curling your hair with large rollers. Keep a serum and hairspray handy to smooth frizz.

And that’s how you can use diet, exercise, makeup, and hair styling to look just like Bollywood celebrity Rani Mukerji. Let us know what you think and if there are any other celebrities you’d like to learn more about!

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Want to learn how to look like Bollywood actress and star Katrina Kaif? Here is your comprehensive how-to guide on Katrina Kaif’s beauty secrets, makeup mantras, and hair styling tips.

Katrina Kaif is one of India’s most sought-after superstars, known for her beautiful face and stunning body. Kat first came into the public eye as the girlfriend of Salman Khan. At that time, this half-Indian, half-British beauty was still a struggling model. After she became actor Akshay Kumar’s “lucky charm”, starring in several hit films by his side, Katrina’s star began to shine in its own right. Now she is one of the hottest celebrities in B-town, sought after for everything from magazine covers to starring roles.


Katrina begins her morning by drinking three to four glasses of water, starting the detox process early. She always advises drinking a lot of water for clear and radiant skin. Katrina sips antioxidant-rich green tea and black coffee throughout the day to keep her energy levels up (UTV Stars).

Katrina says: “I’m not sure if you could call it a ‘diet’ but I do try and eat right… I mean eating the right foods, in right quantities, at the right time. If you follow this mantra, you’re sure to be not just in better shape but also feel much healthier from within” (Pinkvilla).

This Bollywood beauty stays up-to-date on the latest beauty trends, and is not afraid of experiment with her routine for best results. Says Kat: “I use acai berry supplements to keep my skin healthy. I have wheatgrass powder every day in a drink. I am trying to give myself an antioxidant boost with green tea and am on a macrobiotic raw food diet” (Vogue India).

Katrina eats fresh fruits every two hours, and gets all of her vitamins and minerals from plenty of fresh vegetables. She prefers brown bread on her sandwiches. Katrina likes to consume a lot of fiber to keep her system regular and fresh, and avoids carbohydrates and empty calories. People Magazine revealed the diet Kat undertook to get in shape for her item song “Sheela ki Jawani”:

  • Breakfast: Cereals and oatmeal
  • Lunch: Grilled/steamed fish with buttered brown bread
  • Evening snack: Brown bread peanut butter sandwich
  • Dinner: Soup, fish and some rotis with grilled vegetables

Kat told Vogue India that she doesn’t usually hit the gym because she puts on muscle easily, and has instead turned to pilates with instructor Yasmin Karachiwala. She also enjoys swimming, jogging, weight training, and Kathak dancing (Indiatimes). Exercise, Katrina says, is her “shortcut to beauty therapy”, because it gives her blood circulation a boost and makes her skin feel healthier.

The pretty actress likes to stress that true beauty comes from within: “If you feel good from inside, you are bound to have great looks very soon. Most of the people go for the external cure only. But you must be healthy within if you are looking forward to that natural glow” (Times of India).

Katrina says that “the way you look, honestly, has a lot to do with how you feel… the calmer you are, the easier the smile comes to your face” (Desihits). Kat also likes to unwind at spas and beauty salons, saying that her “favorite beauty haunt” is the Shahnaz Herbal Clinic. She regularly indulges in facial and body massages at The Oberoi and Freeda’s in Bandra (Bwood Beauty).

Known for her smooth, moon-like complexion, Katrina’s favorite beauty tip is to keep it clean! “The only [beauty rule] I adhere to religiously is ‘take off your makeup’ before you hit the bed. It helps tremendously!… I use a face wash by Mene & Moy which has two per cent salicylic acid and Lancôme Cleansing Milk for the face and eyes” (iheartmakeup). She also uses the Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Cleansing Beauty Oil (Vogue India).

But, like all of us, Katrina too suffers from skin imperfections. “To deal with a beauty emergency,” Kat says, “I rely on a mineral mud mask by Anne Semonin. It calms my skin” (Bwood Beauty). Mud masks are said to draw out impurities and toxins, firm skin, and bring a rejuvenated glow by encouraging blood circulation. Kat believes less is more when it comes to makeup, saying, “My skin behaves well if I use less make-up” (iheartmakeup).

Katrina is not a stickler for specific beauty products on her skin but likes to keep her brands high-end: “I don’t have any favourites. What matters to me is that the product has to be from a reputed company… I feel that even if it may work out a bit more expensive, it’s worth it” (Pinkvilla).

To moisturize her skin, she chooses a La Prarie night cream or the Clarins Gentle Night Cream at night and the Peter Thomas Roth Max Daily Defense Moisture Cream SPF 30 or the Purifying Apricot Facial Oil by Anne Semonin by day.

Kat keeps her lips soft with Smith’s Rosebud Salve and Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1.

Katrina’s favorite perfume is Gucci Rush. She likes to pick up new fragrances that suit her fancy when she is travelling at duty-free shops.


1) Give yourself a flawless base

Kat’s number one asset is her gorgeous peaches ‘n’ cream complexion. No matter how busy she is, she always makes sure to have her concealer and powder in place for any appearance. (Remember ladies, you don’t have to be fair like Katrina to have sensational skin! Just make sure you are concealing imperfections carefully- any skin color can be Bollywood-worthy.)

Katrina avoids foundation and sticks with a cream concealer (Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette in No. 3) and a loose powder (M.A.C NC 30 Select Sheer Loose Powder). For touch-ups to prevent shine, she carries a pressed powder with her (Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in Warm Natural). Her makeup must-have is her cream highlighter (Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat).

Fun tip: “[When feeling tired] I put ice in a muslin cloth and apply it on my face before I wear makeup. I do that because it wakes me up,” says Katrina (People).

2) Wear a peach-toned blush

Peach blushes look divine on fair-skinned Bollywood celebs like Katrina and Kareena. Try peach, peach-beige, or pink-peach blushes to emulate Katrina’s healthy radiance. Her go-to cosmetics brand for blushes is Giorgio Armani.

3) Wear lipgloss

Katrina “doesn’t like makeup, but loves lipgloss” (UTV Stars). Katrina uses Stila Lip Glaze in Apricot and MAC Tinted Lipglass in Underage. Lately she has been favoring the above lip color, a gorgeous coppered plum (MAC Tinted Lipglass in Lovechild).


I’ve said before that Katrina has the best hair in the business. On her hair care routine, she says: “I wash my hair with Pantene shampoo once every two days. It’s something I’ve been using since I was a child. After washing my hair, I use a leave-in conditioner and serum because my hair is fine and tends to get frizzy in the heat. And then I blow dry it” (People).

“I use Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak… My hair is exposed to a lot of styling and blow-drying so I also use heat-protect products. I use Pantene Five Minute Strengthening Rinse-Off Mask; it really works on my thick hair” (Vogue India).

To get hair like Katrina, blow-dry or straighten with a flat iron and curl the bottom half into large, loose curls.

Kat told Cosmo Magazine that she takes iron supplements, which she says are “excellent for hair”. She has been quoted multiple times saying that she has regretted coloring her hair in the past, as it caused it to dry up and fall out. I’m sure Katrina would advise you to keep your hair its natural color!

“My hair suffers quite a bit, thanks to the number of products that are used during shoots to style it,” says Katrina. “I try and take care of it by using serums or going for a hair spa. I get my hair trimmed from a good hairdresser once a month. In Mumbai, I go to Asif Rajan, Dilshad Pastakia or Sapna Bhavnani” (Pinkvilla).

And that’s how you can use diet, exercise, makeup, and hair styling to look just like Bollywood celebrity Katrina Kaif. Let us know what you think and if there are any other celebrities you’d like to learn more about!

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I have a huge girl crush on Asian super model Liu Wen, so as a birthday present to myself I decided get down to business and compile this post.  It took a bit of translating, but now we can all learn to be as gorgeous as Liu Wen!  Or, failing at that, I’d settle for simply getting her gorgeous skin!  (after all, she goes to all her castings with no makeup!)


Liu Wen has the most gorgeously glowing skin ever, which is probably why she was the first ever Asian model chosen to be a face for international makeup mega-brand Estee Lauder.  In an interview in 2009 with the web site Tom’s (which I translated with the help of my awesome father) Wen stated that she spends around 30 minutes a day taking care of her rather sensitive skin.  She is a firm believer in having a set cleansing and moisturizing routine to keep skin consistently radient.  Her routine is cleansing with Estee Lauder’s Perfectly Clean Foaming Cleanser, Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist, and Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Concentre.

She also stresses the importance of sleep and always tries to get at least 7 hours a night.  Her biggest beauty “no-no” is going to sleep with makeup on.  During fashion week, when there is a lot of strain on her skin, she drinks a lot of water and orange juice (for the vitamin C).  She also uses deep cleansing and hydrating masks 3 times a week – her favorite mask is Estee Lauder’s Re-Nutriv Intense Lifting Mask.

Finally, her favorite makeup brand is MAC but she likes to give her skin “days off” from makeup when she’s not working, so oftentimes she goes around with only a bit of lip balm.

Diet and Exercise

Liu Wen keeps a balanced and healthy diet to maintain her model physique, saying it’s a myth that super models only consume cigarettes and water.  She eats a lot of vegetables and high-fiber cereals combined with traditional Chinese dishes.  She makes sure to choose foods that have high nutritional values and she avoids empty calories at all costs.  Her favorite breakfast food is tahini (a sesame paste) with whole wheat pita.  Tahini is rich in iron and calcium, as well as vitamins B2 and E, and known for its antioxidant and blood-cholesterol reducing effects.  She advises all women to incorporate sesame into their diets.

Wen works out regularly, but is not a fan of intense exercising.  She does cardio and a bit of light weight exercises every day and she always exercises outdoors when possible stating in Savoir Flair that “when you can breathe fresh air and smell the blooming flowers as you exercise, everything just feels more soothing”.  If she wants to shed a few pounds she’ll eat several small meals a day (rather than three large meals) and continue exercising regularly.  Her biggest diet rule is to never eat after 8 p.m. 

Style Tips

Liu is known for her style on the runway and off.  She loves to combine boyish pieces (dress shirts, blazers, and motorcycle boots) with leg-emphasizing skinny jeans and feminine accessories (dangly earrings or statement clutches).  Her biggest style secret, as told to Tom’s, was to not be afraid of colors and prints and she told Tom’s that her favorite party accessory is a great lipstick.

Please let us know if you want any How to Look Like Features in the future via email or twitter!

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Boys-  this one is for you! (Girls, feel free to show this to the men in your lives). Today we’re exploring the super fit secrets of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan‘s out-of-this-world body. Yes, it’s health/diet, fitness/exercise tips, tricks, and secrets of Hrithik- some from the man himself!

Always wanted to know how to look like Hrithik Roshan? Worried about your flimsy, weak abs, arms, and legs? Hrithik loves to give advice about his workout secrets and diet regimen via his Twitter account. Here’s what he has to say:

  • “High reps low weight. Cardio, diet, n u should see results. If not- TRY HARDER!”
  • “Whether 2 lose weight or gain muscle-get good sleep!”
  • “Days when u just can’t get yourself to workout, you are free not to. BUT GET URSELF TO THE GYM FIRST and decide THERE!!”
  • “Run / walk (flat n incline) 1min each alternating, totally for max 15mins is good enough! My target-700cals per w/o [workout] (cardio+ weights)”
  • “Don’t forget legs- large muscle- promotes testosterone which helps increase overall muscle mass. RUN/walk when u can for cardio!”
  • “My fav supplements-vit C, multivitamin, antioxidant, L-glutamine, omega 3 (never 6), creatine (only to bulk 4 short periods),”
  • “Consistency is paramount! Keep changing your w/o everyday. Do something different, anything! Every time u get tired, do one more last set”
  • “Don’t forget to stretch/warm up! Don’t lift too heavy. Min 8 reps per set. Keep w/o’s short n intense 45min max…”
Bollywood Hungama reports on Hrithik’s Twitter advice: “Hrithik states that ‘Body doesn’t grow in the GYM, it grows while you rest! He also adds that one need not splurge on protein supplements, since they are great if they are used in the right amount. [His most basic mantra includes drinking] Water! He validates this advice stating that it is water which is probably the only alkaline food in our diet!” Hrithik’s personal trainer, Satyajit Chaurasia, confirmed the importance of “consistency” to Hrithik’s fitness regimen to the Hindustan Times. Chaurasia also revealed a detailed version of Hrithik’s very own diet and fitness plan:
Hrithik’s Weekly Workout Routine
Arms (Monday)
  • Biceps and Triceps
  • Dumbell 21 (for power and sharpness of bicep muscle) x Tricep pulley push down (for tricep muscles)
  • Barbell curl (for entire size and strength of arms) x Line tricep extension (Difficult, yet famous exercise. Good for size and strength)
  • Concentration curls (for bicep peak and roundness of muscle) x Overhead tricep muscles (for sharpness of tricep muscles)
  • Hammer dumbbell curl (for outer biceps and upper forearm) x Tricep kick back (to be done with light weight; for sharpness of triceps) and Reverse curl (for outer forearm area, strengthens the wrist and gives good power hold in your fist)
  • Wrist curl (for inner forearm)

Chest (Tuesday)

  • Plain Bench Press (for complete chest) x Dumbbell fly (for outer pectoral muscles)
  • Incline Dumbbell press (for upper chest) x Cross pulley ( for inner definition/size and hardness of chest muscle)
  • Decline flies (for lower chest) x pullovers (expands rib cage and gives good posture)

Back (Wednesday)

  • Chin ups (This exercise takes more strength. Best workout for the back. Gives good power and sharpness for size)
  • Dumbbell rowing (for lower leg and back – strengths lower lads muscles)
  • Rowing pulley (Different variation of back exercise, gives stability in the spine and again works for entire back)
  • Shoulders (Wednesday)
  • Side lateral (for front and middle deltoids/shoulder muscles)
  • Front raises (for front deltoid)
  • Tea cups (for front shoulder muscles)
  • Dumbbell press (for entire shoulders)
  • Shrugs ( for trapeze muscles near the neck)

Legs (Thursday)

  • Leg extension (For entire legs, the quadriceps i.e. front muscles of the leg)
  • Free squats (most conventional exercise, gives power and size to leg)
  • Lunges (helps give shape to the butt; Walking lunges helps lose lots of calories; takes care of lower body fitness)
  • Leg curls (for hamstrings i.e. backside muscles of leg)
  • Good morning (Hrithik’s favourite exercise for lower back)
  • Hyper Extension (for strengthening lower back)
  • Calf Exercise (for calf muscles which is the most stubborn muscle to grow)

All exercises are to be done in 3 sets with repetitions of 10-12-15. Depending on energy levels take a break on the fifth day or continue the same routine.

Hrithik’s Daily Diet


  • 4 egg whites, 2 brown bread, a protein shake, nuts, corn flakes with milk, fruit platter


  • 2 roti, green vegetables, chicken breast, dal, caesar salad, fish platter


  • Protein shake, egg white sandwich/fruit plate
  • Caesar salad during workout
  • 1 banana


  • 6 egg whites, brown bread, ½ chicken or fish with stir fried vegetables

Other Important Food and Nutrition Tips

  1. Completely cut down on oil. Not more than 2 teaspoons of oil in a day.
  2. Cut down on sodium and absolutely no sugar. Don’t fill the stomach more than 70% not complete 100%
  3. Drink 4-6 glasses of water per day.
  4. 45 minutes after workout, take a meal. Sleep at least one hour after the meal.
That’s all it takes to get a hot, smokin’ body like Hrithik Roshan! …Well? What are you still doing here? Hit the gym- and have fun!

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