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Dear Priyanka Chopra, or your makeup artist,

We love PC. But, boy, is she ever in a makeup rut! From performances to red carpet appearances to airport trips to magazine covers, Priyanka is stepping out with the same lip and cheek makeup every single time… like it’s tatooed there! With the world of makeup looks out there, redundancy is not an option!

Notice the matte maroon lipstick and starkly peach blush. First- I can dig the lipstick, but only in occasional doses. Second- the blush is not a natural color on Priyanka’s NC43 skin; it’s not sunkissed, it’s orange. Maroon and orange… not a good combo.

Here’s the good news:

Priyanka– our makeup breakdown of your makeup in Dostana is one of the most popular on our entire site. My advice? Go have a makeover chat with Mickey Contractor and grab a matte warm pink lipstick (e.g. MAC Lipstick in Brave) and a warm pink blush (MAC Powder Blush in Mocha) to replace your current ’90s makeup look. It’ll go perfectly with any eye makeup you rock, gel with your green contacts, and will look SO chic! (Your other most popular looks? Fashion and Pyaar Impossible.)

Unfortunately, Kareena Kapoor has been outstripping you in terms of makeup style. Her look is always very NOW; sleek, edgy, and very trend-setting. Beat her at her game by doing what only you do best- being our ultimate “Desi Girl”.

Much love,

Jolie Asie

P.S. Psst, hey, PC. Try stealing Katrina Kaif’s makeup artist. Best makeup in the industry.

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Another year, another IIFA (International Indian Film Academy awards), this time in Toronto, Canada. This year’s IIFA was full of glitz, glam, and for the most part, gorgeous-ness. Here are my picks for the beauty and fashion winners and losers of the weekend.

Without a doubt, my pick for winner of the weekend is Anushka Sharma. She dazzled in a Sabyasachi sari (show them how to make it look youthful, girl!) and a long black gown; what a figure! Love the volumized bun! Also appreciate the branching out of her usual makeup style with a dark winged cat-eye on right.

Another winner at the awards function was Shilpa Shetty. She put everyone to shame in a slinky, sequined black number on the green carpet. Only Shilpa’s waistline can pull this one off! Also like the matching of the lipstick to the clutch; very cute. To emulate, try a frosty pink lip color like MAC Lipstick in Creme de la Femme.

The runner-up is Priyanka Chopra. I loved her Manish Malhotra lahenga (the blue velvet is gorgeous and so rich); BUT, her lipstick really hurt the look for me. Think it might be MAC Lipstick in Verve. A beautiful deep blood-red with a hint of shimmer would have worked oh-so-much better. Lovely PC, what can I tell you that will get you out of your matte brownish lipsticks rut?

Now for the losers.

It pains me deeply to say this about Shahrukh Khan, because he is my first love and my absolute favorite actor. I used to have six life-size posters of his up in my bedroom. But that ridiculous hairstyle has got to go.

Where has Rahul of “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” gone? SRK’s signature haircut has been replaced by thirteen-year-old boy circa Y2K with a gravity-defying roof (minus the frosted tips, at least). Basically, it looks like he’s trying too hard to appear younger than he really is.

As spotted by highheelconfidential, Bipasha Basu and Ameesha Patel showed up on the green carpet wearing the same dress in different colors. Both actresses also acknowledged this on their Twitter pages:

Embarrassing, but in my opinion, not actually that big of a deal. What’s more pressing to me is- how on Earth did they sit down in those tiny dresses?!

I don’t know about Malaika Arora Khan. Recently I’ve been cringing a little at her wardrobe choices; as her husband gains weight and loses hair, she remains fit and fabulous, but if I were her age, I’d be covering up a little more. Too much skin-show can look desperate.

I felt awkward looking at Genelia D’Souza‘s pictures on the green carpet. Her cat eye/smoky eye makeup was over-the-top and her hair styling was amateurish. I love her playfulness but it’s consuming her in the picture on the right. Unfortunately, she’s not making it work!

What do you think about my choices for winners and losers at IIFA? Agree? Disagree? Got other favorites?

All images courtesy pinkvilla.com and highheelconfidential.com. Thank you!

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Those of you who have been following us know I am super psyched for Aishwarya Rai‘s upcoming film directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, “Heroine”. Quick as lightning (filming just started this month), a first look has been leaked!

Can you say stunning and gorgeous?

To get Ash’s look, wear plenty of falsies for lashes like peacock fans. Line the outer third of your upper lashes and lower lashes with black gel liner or eye pencil to create a densely black effect on the outer edges.

Heat up the summer with a bold orange lipstick; try MAC Lipstick in Neon Orange. Add a little clear lipgloss in the center of your lips to give a plumping effect.

Stay tuned for other looks from upcoming Bollywood films… I want to keep you all in the know on the latest makeup trends!

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Luxury watch ambassador Aishwarya Rai made a pink ‘n’ peach statement at the recent 163 Prix de Diane Longines race in France. Check out her glow! Try pairing an unabashedly peach blush (MAC Powder Blush in Peaches) with rose- or mauve-pink lips (MAC Lipstick in Fast Play) the next time you’re wearing a lovely peach dress to get Aishwarya’s look.

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Kareena Kapoor was at her attention-grabbing best as the street walker Chameli in the 2004 film of the same name co-starring Rahul Bose. This movie was a big step for the Bollywood actress in a time of heavy pancake makeup. Her raw, edgy look caught the attention of movie-makers and movie-goers alike.

Keep base makeup (foundation and concealer) to a minimum. Sweep a matte brown eyeshadow with a hint of peach (MAC Eye Shadow in Soft Brown) over the eyelid.

Using a gel eyeliner (MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack), line the lower waterline and upper lashline generously. Apply mascara.

On the cheekbones, generously apply a matte peach-brown blush (MAC Blush Powder in Coppertone).

This look calls for full-on, unabashedly red lips. Line and fill the lips with a red lip pencil (MAC Lip Liner in Redd). Draw slightly beyond the natural line of the lips to get a fuller mouth like Kareena’s. Top with a red lipgloss (MAC Tinted Lipglass in Russian Red).

Knock ’em out!

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My favorite makeup artist, Mickey Contractor for MAC

There was a time, not long ago, that I wanted to switch from using popular makeup brands to professional brands found in specialty stores, used by makeup artist pros.

Why? For better results, more personalization and flexibility, and to save big, big bucks. Professional makeup products do not see the same price inflation that mainstream cosmetics do. So what is it that professional and celebrity makeup artists prefer? Here’s what my investigations showed!

For information on the makeup and beauty buys that celebrities love, check out our post on luxury cosmetic products!

Makeup (MU) artists like to prep skin with a primer enhanced with silicone to keep makeup from sliding off their models’ and actors’/actresses’  faces under hot lights. They use Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer.

For base makeup, MU artists use makeup palettes to mix and match colors to suit any skintone. A great color palette loved by MU artists for Indian and Asian skintones would be the RCMA Color Process Foundation Palette in Shinto. For peach/salmon based colors used for concealing, try the RCMA Color Process Foundation Palette in KO.

To create an even finish and enhance moisture and glow, MU artists spray base makeup with a setting spray. Try Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray.

Set foundation with a colorless face powder like Ben Nye’s Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder. To correct undereye hollows, use Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder in #2. Throughout the day, for anti-shine touch-ups, keep MAC Blot Powder (pressed) handy in your purse.

For color on the cheeks, look to MAC Powder Blushes.

Keep eyebrows in place with a swipe of Maybelline’s Great Lash Clear Mascara. MU Artists use Rohto Eye Drops (sparingly) to clear away redness from exhaustion and over-strain for bright white eyes.

Curl lashes with the Shu Uemura eyelash curler and use Shu Uemura false eyelashes. Follow up with applying MAX Factor’s 2000 Calorie Mascara to lashes. For eye makeup looks, turn to MAC.

Prep lips with MAC Prep + Prime Lip primer. Finish your look with MAC Lip Pencils and Lipsticks.

For a red carpet gleam and glow all over, use Vanitymark Shimmerskin Body Glisten Spray on the arms and decolletage.

These and similar products can be found at some malls/department stores, beauty supply stores, dance supply/equipment stores, or online.

What do you think? Would you ever try professional makeup products, or will you stick to popular consumer brands?

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Hey all!  I just got back from a quick weekend in the seaside town of QingDao (famous for its beautiful bay and world renowned beer) to visit my grandparents.  I came back with a bit of salt in my hair, a baggie filled with little L’Occitane goodies that I hoarded from my hotel –  the always wonderful Shangri-La (I mean c’mon, this hotel gives you L’Occitane!) – and a new beauty product to try! 

My mom’s childhood friend and her daughter Nancy both have awesome skin.  So when Nancy mentioned something called BB Cream I was all ears.  She was amazed that I didn’t know what BB Cream was!  Apparently, BB Creams are HUGE in Asia.  They were first introduced by Korean actress Song Hye Kyo (above), and are apparently the beauty product of many Korean stars.  So, for many of our Asian readers this may not be a new beauty trend after all, but for all the Americans out there, I’ve done a bit of digging for you! 

BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream.  It was originally formulated in Germany and give to laser surgery patients to protect, soothe and refine highly sensitive skin while providing light coverage for post-laser scars, acne and other blemishes.  Sounds pretty good, right?  Since then, it’s blown up in Asia.  People say it makes a great primer under foundation, while some others have replaced their foundations with BB Creams for a more natural look.  Now you’re all thinking, “wait … you’re describing tinted moisturizer”.  And I am!  But the difference is that BB Cream is good for your skin.  It’s supposed to have properties that help soften and refine skin, as well as properties that promote skin regeneration.

Well, with a review like that I had to know more!  I immediately went to Sephora  and tried out some BB Creams.  They come in a wide variety of uses (skin whitening, anti-aging, mattifying, etc.) and all of them had some form of SPF.  All BB Creams are tinted and some come in various shades for you to choose.  Others only come in one shade and are meant to match itself to your skin.  I was pretty skeptical until the one I tried, which at first appeared way too light, magically blended perfectly. 

I came home with a BB Cream by the brand Mamonde, which I believe is Korean.  I tried it on my face for the first time today and so far I love it!  It’s comfortable to wear (more comfortable than most tinted moisturizers I’ve tried) and covers some light blemishes on my face.  I picked up a formula for oily-combination skin and it’s reduced my shine, but remained natural looking.  I still have a bit of a glow going on, which I like. 

I can’t attest to the healing properties of BB Cream yet, but I can say that I wore it today instead of my usual concealer-powder routine and I love it!  I have less coverage, but the coverage is enough and I have the aforementioned glow!   I’d definitely encourage you all to give BB Creams a try! 

BB Creams are all over Asia, but rarely seen in the U.S.  For all our American readers, I suggest Amazon!  You can find almost anything there.  Popular brands include Missha, Skin 79, Mamonde, Etude, and Laneige.  If you simply google “BB Cream + your skin type” you can find a lot of helpful suggestions!  I’ll keep you posted on my BB Cream adventure and if any of you try/already use BB Creams and want to share, feel free to email me!  I’d love to hear what you guys think! 


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