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You all have no doubt heard of the Shu Uemura eyelash curler, widely regarded as the best eyelash curler available.  And it’s true, this product really is the end all be all of eyelash curlers.


Well, it’s a very high quality product.  It’s made from durable steel and the joints are well-engineered so they won’t start to stick or become cumbersome after a year of use.  Also, the the top and bottom of the curler are well aligned and will provide a tight grip on your lashes every time.  More importantly, this is a well-designed tool.  It was developed with all eye shapes in mind.

When I first got mine a couple of years ago I compared it to my old Revlon on from the drug store.  What I saw was that the Shu Uemera one was wider across and rounded.  The Shu Uemura website explains that it’s curler’s “curved angle suits all eye shapes”.  Usually, I take descriptions like that worth a grain of salt, because hello the website’s purpose is to sell unsuspecting beauty nuts like us stuff, but I believe the Shu Uemura website.


Because, I use the Shu curler and I love it.  And Meg uses the Shu curler and loves it.  And let me tell you, you couldn’t find two pairs of eyes more different than ours.  If it works for both of us, it’ll work for you too!

Now you’re all totally pumped to buy this curler right?  But then you remember, “wait a minute … L’Oreal pulled Shu from the U.S. market a year ago”  and you feel like screaming “nooooo!” at your computer like the foiled villian at the end of a superhero movie.  Well, don’t be sad!  I’m here to save the day!  Shu Uemura has a website catering to all of us painfully deprived U.S. customers and you can order your very own curler for $19!  Plus, if you want to make a couple more purchases and bring your total to $50, they’ll ship to you for free.  I like their eye shadows and I love their cleansing oil, but that’s another post for another day.

Also, if you don’t like ordering stuff online, Nordstrom sells the curlers in store.  And of course all our non-U.S. based readers should have easy access to Shu products.  I’m currently in Shanghai, China and Shu Uemura has counters in many of the large shopping areas that I’ve been to!

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Want to get a full-body massage and exfoliating experience in less than five minutes?

Want to spend no more than $5 on body exfoliation products… ever again?

Want to learn a secret to Japanese women’s beautiful skin?

Try dry brushing!

What is it?

Dry brushing is an exfoliation and lymphatic drainage massage technique used by Japanese women for thousands of years. The only tool you need is a dry brush, available at beauty stores and large grocery stores. I found my dry brush for $5 at my local TJMaxx. It lasts forever!

What do I do?

Brush your skin firmly with long, sweeping strokes.  Always brush in the direction towards your heart, not away from it. Start from the feet and work up to the knee, then from the thighs to the hip, wrist to shoulder, hip to chest, butt to upper back, etc. By doing this you are encouraging the elimination of waste in your system by stimulating your lymphatic draining system. You’re also stimulating blood flow to your skin, helping to flush out toxins and bring a healthy glow. Brushing your skin when it is dry is also an excellent form of exfoliation! Do this for a few minutes then hop in your shower as normal. You’ll notice your skin is soft as a baby’s!

Anything else?

I dry brush my skin once a week. I don’t do this on my face, as I believe the bristles of the brush to be too harsh for my delicate facial skin. Wash your brush regularly with baby shampoo to keep it from building up gunky dead skin cells, and hang it to dry.

Never buy an expensive exfoliation cream again, and enjoy your silky, refreshed skin!

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Ok, this is not going to be a long post because I have only one point to make.

Tweezerman tweezers are the best.

Actually, maybe I have two points to make.

If you pluck your eyebrows yourself, buy Tweezerman tweezers.  NOW!

Trust me, I didn’t have Tweezermans for the first few years of my eyebrow plucking … then I broke down and got them.  My first thought: “oh my god”.  My second thought: “why didn’t I get these earlier”.  I have the Slant Tweezers in red ($20 @ Sephora), and I just checked online and the Slant Tweezers in animal prints are on sale from $25 to $20!  I’ve also used the Mini Slant Tweezers and they are very nice too ($14-15 @ Sephora).  I know they’re more expensive than the average tweezer, but it’s worth it.

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