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On the popular chat show “Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable”, Anushka Sharma revealed Akshay Kumar‘s “vanity van secrets”: that he barely wears makeup, and likes to massage his face with almond oil.

Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu is also a fan of using almond oil on her delicate facial skin; it is soothing and nutritious– full of Vitamin E! I use almond oil every day in my essential oil serum. It is light enough for summer nights and moisturizing enough for harsh winters.

Use almond oil as a natural alternative to mineral oil to remove your makeup at night, or else massage it onto a clean face before you go to bed for luxurious, chemical-free moisturizing effects. Almond oil is an excellent, affordable alternative to overpriced face creams.

Have you tried almond oil for the health of your skin?

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