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Another day another Jolie Asie weekly installment premiere!  I’m excited to introduce you all to our Friday guides.  This week’s will help you stay warm in your office without burning up as soon as you leave work!

All offices are freezing cold in the summer, probably so all the men in suits don’t get a heat stroke.  But for us ladies, it’s a drag.  Skirts, thin summer blouses, and all your other summer office staples do little to protect you from the power that is air conditioning.  Well, I’m here to help!  (And to all the ladies who aren’t in offices all day, you can still use this info for when you go to the mall or the grocery store or a restaurant or really any place that air conditions in the summer!)

Last summer, my office was so cold that the majority of the women in my department had mini space heaters under their desks.  While that is an option, I have some easier (and fashionable) solutions!

1.   The Short(er) Cardigan

The recent trend in cardigans has skewed long, very long.  And while this might look good with your skinny jeans and little sundresses, long cardigans are horrible with work clothes.  Work bottoms tend to cut higher than your average casual wear.  Wearing a long cardigan with your work pants or pencil skirt obscures your butt and will make you seem frumpy-er.  It also looks less professional.  Try instead a shorter cardigan!

Cardigans come in all sorts of colors, fabrics, and patterns.  I love a bright colored cardigan or a cardigan with a bit of embellishment.  My mother favors cardigans with prints and little pearl buttons.  You can wear it over your normal work blouse or even wear it over a tee with all the buttons done up.  Then, after work take it off and stash it in your purse, or make like a prep and sling your cardigan over your shoulders!  Good places to find shorter cardigans are J.Crew, Gap (pictured below), Banana Republic, H&M, and Ann Taylor Loft.

2.  Summer Jackets and Blazers

This is my mom’s go-to summer work staple.  She has a closet full of these guys and throws one on before work every day.  They’re cute, stylish, and a great way to be creative with your work outfits.  A full on suit can be a bit bland or get old fast, but a cute jacket is incredibly versatile.  She has them in every color, texture, and fit.

Try the same stores as the cardigans for great jacket finds!  The ones above are from Ann Taylor Loft (L) and J.Crew (R).

3.  Scarves, BIG Scarves

So, this is my favorite.  I’m nutty about scarves, love ’em to death!  And I love love love big scarves with volume.  Why?  Well, they look great AND they can double for all kinds of things.  Picnic blankets, sarongs, shawls, and, for our office purposes, lap robes.  Your scarf can keep you warm around the neck, around the shoulders, and on your legs!  This is a little trick for all you skirt and dress loving people out there (put your hands up!).  Throw your scarf over your legs for instant leg warmth!

Great scarves are everywhere, and if you see one that you love that’s also large get it!  I always buy a scarf that I like that’s also huge, because huge scarves are the absolute best.  Just ask Ashley Olsen!

** Bonus Tip!

To spice up your cardigans, jackets, scarves, and, really, anything else be like Michelle Obama and wear a brooch!  They’re awesome sparkling accessories that instantly add charm, personality, and a ladylike aura to your outfit!

OK, that’s JA’s Friday Guide, I hope you found this information (at least a little) useful.  Stay warm (and cool) lovely readers!

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