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Gwyneth Paltrow has been one of my favorite celebrities ever since she looked like a picture-perfect princess at the Academy Awards in 1999.  Looking back at those pictures, I still think she looks divine, and that’s saying a lot since 90s style oftentimes makes me cringe a bit.   She has looked gorgeous and stylish for over a decade now and shows no sign of decline, making her a perfect candidate for a style translation.  After all, don’t we all want to be timeless?

(wearing Ralph Lauren)

Style Tip # 1: Always dress appropriately

Gwyneth knows how to dress for every event that she goes to, whether that’s the Oscars or taking her children to school.  She knows that the only thing worse than underdressing is overdressing and that looking perfect means striking the right balance.

Gwyneth looks like the ultimate cool mom here while taking her kids to school.  She looks great but she doesn’t look ridiculous.  As much as I like celebrities like Victoria Beckham, it always blows my mind seeing her wearing 6 inch stilettos while taking her boys to the toy store or playground.  I much prefer Gwyneth’s school outfit.

Look cool like Gwyn while taking your kids to school or running errands or going to school yourself by throwing a leather jacket over a vintage band tee. You can find cute leather jackets at a lot of places.  H&M has a lot of cute faux leather options while department stores like Nordstrom have a lot of quality options at various price points.  For cute vintage tees try checking local vintage shops or eBay.

(in Isabel Marant)

Here Paltrow looks super cute yet still casual and comfortable for a night out with friends.  Anyone can dress up a simple sundress with a stylish belt and gorgeous strappy sandals.  J.Crew has beautiful leather belts that would go perfectly with any sundress.  Gwyneth’s sandals are Givenchy, but you can find similar sandals at department stores or discount shoe stores like DSW.

For more casual, low key events Gwyneth goes for simple, on-trend pieces that are amped up with eye-catching accessories.  She makes a big statement with her subtle style that’s much more appealing than other starlets with their predictable tight mini dresses.  You can add interest to a simple outfit by adding a pretty necklace (try online store Etsy for unique pieces made and sold by the artists with stores through that site) and a stand-out clutch.  A good clutch is hard to find, so keep your eyes open and, if you see one you like, get it!  You’ll always need one or two pretty party bags.

Finally, Paltrow is at her best for big red carpet events.

Style Tip #2: for the big events, GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Gwyneth knows when to keep it simple and when to bring out the big guns.  Here are some of her best red carpet moments.

(in Stella McCartney at the Met Ball)

(in a super sexy Roksanda Ilincic, also check out her beautiful Christian Louboutin Lucifer Bow pumps!)

(this is Meg’s favorite look, in Calvin Klein at the Oscars)

She knows how to stand out on the red carpet and she’s never afraid to take a risk.  Recently, she wore a midriff baring Emilio Pucci dress to the Emmys

It was a risky choice, and I’m sure some of you will hate this look, but I think she looks great and she stood out in a sea of predictable ball gowns and skin tight bandage dresses.  When dressing up for a big event go with your heart, pick a dress that you love and don’t be afraid to take a risk!

Style Tip #3: Complete any look with awesome footwear

Gwyneth is a shoe lover.  Her shoes make a statement, they are never boring.  I love that.  (If I see another pair of Brian Atwood Maniac pumps I’m going to die of sartorial boredom!)

(here she dresses up a sexy suit with gorgeous Gian Vito Rossi peeptoes)

(Gwyn spices up a bright Rachel Roy gown with Camilla Skovgaard sandals)

(a simple Calvin Klein sheath is dressed up with beautifully detailed nude Sergio Rossie sandals)

Follow Gwyneth’s lead by leaving boring, basic pumps at home and slipping your feet into eye-catching shoes that enhance your outfits!

Bonus Tip: Always have perfect hair!

I’ll leave you guys with one last tip, take good care of your hair!  Gwyn always has beautiful locks.  She recommends New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins saying “Pregnant or not, this super vitamin made my hair grow thick, long, and healthy when I was taking it”.  Check out her other hair tips here.

*all pictures courtesy of People.com

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