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Whether you love her, hate her, or don’t know who she is, I think we can all agree that Kim Kardashian is an attractive woman.  And, to give you all full disclosure, I’m a huge reality TV junkie and love watching Keeping up with the Kardashians.  I’m always amazed by their hair – it’s always perfectly beautiful!  And Kim’s olive skin tone and gorgeous dark hair – complements of her half-Armenian ancestry – makes her a perfect candidate for a mini makeup translation.

While Kim K’s daily makeup is a bit heavy for my life, I can’t fault her makeup choices.  The colors she chooses always complement her complexion well. Plus, her go-to, favorite makeup products are some of my favorite products too!  She loves Nars’ Orgasm blush, saying “I love It goes everywhere with me and looks great on olive skin tones like mine”.  Kim also loves Lancome mascaras, choosing Hypnose to add volume to her naturally long lashes.

Finally, Kim knows how important it is to remove all her makeup before she goes to bed.  To speed up the process or clean up on the go she uses Olay’s Wet Express Cleansing Cloths.  Kim says these fragrance free wipes are her “saving grace”, loving how quickly and efficiently the wipes help her remove her makeup.

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