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I was happily surprised when I came upon these gorgeous images of LBB in this month’s U.S. InStyle.  The unheralded photo shoot is really well done, LBB looks gorgeous!

To get LBB’s very sexy and glamourous look first make sure your face makeup is well finished and very matte by applying a powder over your foundation.  Then apply false eyelashes (check out our JA guide to false eyelash application here).  Finish the look off with MAC lipstick in Dare You, a deep brown-red.

If you want to go the extra mile with this look and paint your nails the same sexy blood red, I’d recommend Nars nail polish in Jungle Red.

*all photos from Sina.com

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Yes, my LBB girl crush continues.  While I was a bit torn over her Chinese InStyle photo shoot, I absolutely love her look for the LA Premiere of Snow Flor and the Secret Fan.  She absolutely glowed.  I love her dress, her slightly (and the keyword is slightly) messy hair, and I especially lov how comfortable and just happy she looks on the red carpet.

The best thing about LBB’s gorgeous red carpet look is that it could work for anyone for a fancy night out with the guy or the girls, so let’s figure out how to get her look!

The Makeup

LBB makeup is similar to her InStyle photo shoot that I posted about earlier, but I like this one better because her cheeks have a bit more color.  Here’s a basic step-by-step:

1.  Cleanse and moisturize your face with your usual products.  Apply concealer to any blemishes and use your usual foundation product.

2.  This is a matte look so if you use a liquid or cream foundation, lightly dust over your face with a powder.

3.  For eyes, the big thing is false eyelashes.  Check out our guest post on false eyelash application!

4.  Dust a peachy-pink blush over your cheeks.  I’d recommend my personal favorite blush Orgasm by Nars.

5.  Finally, add just the tiniest bit of color to your lips by choosing a MLBB (“my lips but better”) lip color.  I recommend MAC Lipstick in Gel.  Add a coat of clear gloss over your lips for some extra shine.

The Hair

LBB’s hair looks blown out and beachy at the same time.  I love it.  For this look, first apply a beach wave spray to your wet hair, which will give it that tousled, just got back from the beach look.  I recommend Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble.  Then flip your hair over your head and blow dry.  (If your hair is very curly try to blow dry it straighter)  Flipping your hair over your head will give you extra volume.  After blow drying, use your fingers to come a a little more surf spray through your locks as a finishing touch.

The Dress

A pretty champagne-colored dress is a great addition to an Asian or Indian girl’s closet.  Why?  Because champagne is a flattering color on Asian and Indian skin tones.  I also love that LBB chose a dress with a lot of embellishment.  I’m a sucker for a prettily embellished dress.  Here are some options:

Parker Racer Back Dress from Shopbop, $298

This dress is the functional equivalent of LBB’s Cavalli dress, though the price tag is still on the high side.  One great thing about Shopbop though is that the web site delivers anywhere in the world, in three days, for free.  Something that all our international readers can appreciate.

Strapless Textured Dress from Forever 21, $19.98

This dress channels LBB’s dress’ lovely shimmer color and adds a bit of extra embellishment at the waistband.  And at less than $20 it’s a hard deal to beat!

For an added touch of champagne, check out Meg’s post on champagne-colored nails!

To complete LBB’s wonderful premiere look, add some tassel earrings!  Gorjana makes a really cute pair.

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Over the weekend I bookmarked at least 4 Li Bing Bing images that I wanted to post about.  She’s really been making her presence known for her new movie Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.  We’ll kick off my unofficial Li Bing Bing party with these images from her photoshoot with Chinese In Style.

I don’t know how I feel about these images.  I think her eye makeup looks amazing and her skin, as always, looks flawless, but I am completely distracted by her hair.  It’s much better in the last image where her hair is down, but the messy, braided bun really isn’t working for me.  I don’t think that hairstyle suits the pretty cocktail dresses that she’s wearing.

What do you guys think?

To get her look check out Meg’s winged eyeshadow post and follow LBB’s lead by choosing a MLBB (“my lips but better”) lip color over a nude lip!

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I know Cannes is in the past, but I recently came across these pictures of Jun Ji-Hyun (also known as Gianna Jun) and had to post them!  I still have a girl crush on her from My Sassy Girl (you can read about it here) and I’m delighted to find that she’s only gotten more beautiful. 

Jun was poised and ever her sassy, confident self on her first trip to Cannes.  She dazzled in a light pink Ralph Lauren dress at the premiere of The Artist.  The dress was soft and feminine, the color perfectly complementing her creamy complexion, and subtly sexy, showing off her great figure. 

She wore a pretty cream silk dress with a subtle draping detail at the photocall for her new film (co-starring another favorite of mine – Li Bing Bing) The Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.  I particularly love her voluminous hair at this event.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any specific information on her dress.  If you know anything please email me!

Finally, Jun was chic and sexy in a full length, at another event for The Snow Flower and the Secret fan.  She looks very sophisticated with Li Bing Bing.  Both actresses chose sexy, more modern looks for this event.  No info on this dress either, which is a shame, but if I were to guess I’d say either Armani or Valentino …

I have to say, though I’ve never been a fan of Lisa See’s novels, I will definitely be seeing The Snow Flower and the Secret Fan when it comes out just to see my girls Jun and LBB … and Hugh Jackman of course!

*all photos from the dedicated Jun fans at jeonjihyun.livejournal.com

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First and foremost, I’d just like to say that writers across the interwebs really need to stop writing “(no relation)” after they type Li Bing Bing and Fan Bing Bing’s names.  Newsflash, Chinese names place the surname in first and the given name second.  So, their surnames are Li and Fan respectively, and are, therefore, obviously unrelated.  Sorry, just had to get that out of my system after nearly every article I came across about the two Bing Bings (from here on out to be referred to as LBB and FBB) contained that misguided reference.

OK, on to Cannes.  FBB has sort of taken the blogosphere by storm since her appearance at the Cannes Film Festival last year.  And trust me folks, I was on the bandwagon too.  Her Dragon Robe by Laurence Hsu dress was stunning and refreshingly unique.  This year people seem to be even more googoo gaga over her (one of my favorite blogs, redcarpet-fashionawards.com, even lightly proclaimed her “the queen of Cannes”).  And I’m completely baffled.

First of all, her makeup has been atrocious.  She looks like she could be Edward Cullen’s long lost Asian cousin.  I understand that being pale is considered very beautiful in China, but pale doesn’t have to translate to lifeless vampire skin.  I’m no expert, but I’d say that she should probably switch to a foundation that doesn’t so closely resemble paint on a wall.  And, um, FBB may I introduce you to blush?  Oh, and blush’s friend illuminator! Then again, maybe this is all part of a plan for her to get in the next Twilight movie….

As for her sartorial choices, which everyone has been all up on, I’m so baffled.    This red Chris Bu Kewen dress she wore to the opening ceremony was a watered down repeat of her Dragon Robe gown.   And, um, what is going on with her hair and makeup?

This white Elie Saab Couture dress she wore to the “Polisse” premiere looked like something Cher would wear (no offense to Cher, but that was not a complement).

This pink Atelier Versace gown looked so horribly wrinkly.

This purple Atelier Versace was (I’m just going to say it) ugly.  No, really, it’s ugly!  I’m a haute couture junkie and even I think it’s ugly.

And this green Oscar de la Renta that she wore to “The Tree of Life” premiere looked ill-fitting and unflattering.  She looks like she has no chest!

The only dresses I liked were the purple Marchesa and the red Elie Saab Couture (shown above in the makeup pictures).  I want FBB to go back to wowing us like this (yes I just posted the same link again).  Until then I’ll feel unsatisfied

Consequently, I’m delighted by LBB!  I think her makeup is lovely, she looks like she’s glowing.  And her smile is absolutely radiant.

Her dresses have been a bit hit or miss, but I like that she takes risks and I can see her personal style emerging.  I really liked her Elie Saab Couture gown.  It was a modern take on old Hollywood glam and definitely sexy (though I wish she’d gone a bit easy on the jewels, but then I thought about it and If I had access to those gems I’d have been all over that, so maybe she gets a freebie?)

My absolute favorite though was this fitted white dress that she wore, but can’t find the designer.  It looks like Versace to me, but god only knows I could be so wrong.  It’s a travesty that I can’t find information on this look online.  It seems the internet has a certain quota of Bing Bing news and FBB has eaten up most of it.

Even LBB’s Georges Chakras swan dress,  though 100% not my taste (I honestly don’t even like it…) made me happy because it was new and refreshing and risky.  And she looks like she’s having a blast wearing it!

The fact of the matter is, when I see LBB’s name I get excited.  Too bad I can’t say the same about FBB.

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