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Supermodel and TV host Padma Lakshmi has been quizzed by America’s leading beauty magazines on the secrets to her long and lustrous raven-black hair. Here’s what she has to say!

“When she wants ’70s-style Farrah Fawcett waves, she plugs in her BaByliss hot curlers. Her trick: First, spritz sections of hair with Pantene volumizer, then roll them up (not under). “I use narrower ones underneath for volume and larger ones on top to create loose, fuller waves,” she says.

When blow-drying, “I use a boar-bristle Mason Pearson brush and put my head upside down,” says Lakshmi. “Anyone with long hair will tell you that her arms get tired otherwise.” Also, “I hold the dryer by the nozzle for more control.”

When the inverted-head blow-dry yields an occasional imperfection, “I fix it with a straightening iron,” she says.” (InStyle)

Padma told Marie Claire that she likes to use Desert Essence JoJoba Oil: “To fight flakes, I microwave a cup of this and massage it into my scalp. My grandmother used to do it on the stove.”

Her last and most surprising beauty tip? Padma admitted to Cosmopolitan that she doesn’t use conditioner! “I have fine hair, but it has a lot of body,” said Padma. “And if I use conditioner, it looks greasy. All I do is shampoo it. And for that I am not particular. I take whatever is on sale, as long as it smells good.”

Love that she is smart enough to tailor her beauty regimen to her own personal needs, instead of following trends.

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