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I love you, Femina Magazine India, for finally getting PeeCee out of her maroon lipstick and into a va-va-voom coral-orange shade on your May 2012 cover! Wow! It’s incredible how a new shade of lipstick can instantly energize and refresh this beautiful woman’s face. Are you listening, dearest Priyanka Chopra?!

To get this fresh look for summer, look no further than MAC Lipstick in Vegas Volt.

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One of our readers, Shilpa, requested a breakdown of Priyanka Chopra‘s ravishing look on the cover of December 2011’s Vogue India. Isn’t it striking? To get this look, as always, start with careful application of concealer, foundation, and powder.

For the eye makeup, lightly sweep a chocolate brown eyeshadow (MAC Eye Shadow in Handwritten) over the lid, into the inner corner of the eye, and along the lower lashline (refer to picture above). Be careful not to over-apply the shadow. Blend a silvery taupe eyeshadow (MAC Eye Shadow in Satin Taupe) over the outer third of the eye and blend outwards to form a sort of triangular wing. Blend some into the brown eyeshadow along the lower lashline as well. Use your favorite highlighting powder or illuminator on the brow bone, above the eyebrow, and at the top of the bridge of the nose. You can even dab some in the center of the eyelid to brighten. For full impact, apply false eyelashes. Curl lashes and apply mascara.

Blend a rose-beige blush (MAC Powder Blush in Harmony) into the cheekbones. Finish the look by using your finger to dab on a frosty pink/coral/beige lipstick, like MAC Lipstick in Lame or MAC Lipstick in Plastique.

Don’t forget a bold red nail polish to seal the deal!

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Hi all! Happy Wednesday! The votes are in from last week’s poll, and the clear winner is Priyanka Chopra in the 2011 film Don 2, co-starring Shahrukh Khan. Here’s how you get this understated look!

Apply your favorite concealer and foundation, being sure to cover any undereye darkness and blemishes. Sweep a light wash of medium brown eyeshadow (try MAC Eyeshadow in Cork) over the lid. Using a smudgy black eyeliner, like MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder, lightly draw a line of medium thickness over the upper lashes and smudge to a thick line (for the daytime look). For the nighttime look, also line the lower lashline and waterline, lining thickly even near the inner corners of the eyes. Curl lashes and apply mascara.

Apply a reddish-burgundy powder blush (MAC Powder Blush in Desert Rose) to the cheeks in a sweeping motion, from the apples to the cheekbones. Finish with a terracotta-plum lipstick (MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam VI). For the most natural coverage, apply the lipstick with your finger.

Enjoy! Did you get to see the movie? Let me know what you thought of it!

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Dear Priyanka Chopra, or your makeup artist,

We love PC. But, boy, is she ever in a makeup rut! From performances to red carpet appearances to airport trips to magazine covers, Priyanka is stepping out with the same lip and cheek makeup every single time… like it’s tatooed there! With the world of makeup looks out there, redundancy is not an option!

Notice the matte maroon lipstick and starkly peach blush. First- I can dig the lipstick, but only in occasional doses. Second- the blush is not a natural color on Priyanka’s NC43 skin; it’s not sunkissed, it’s orange. Maroon and orange… not a good combo.

Here’s the good news:

Priyanka– our makeup breakdown of your makeup in Dostana is one of the most popular on our entire site. My advice? Go have a makeover chat with Mickey Contractor and grab a matte warm pink lipstick (e.g. MAC Lipstick in Brave) and a warm pink blush (MAC Powder Blush in Mocha) to replace your current ’90s makeup look. It’ll go perfectly with any eye makeup you rock, gel with your green contacts, and will look SO chic! (Your other most popular looks? Fashion and Pyaar Impossible.)

Unfortunately, Kareena Kapoor has been outstripping you in terms of makeup style. Her look is always very NOW; sleek, edgy, and very trend-setting. Beat her at her game by doing what only you do best- being our ultimate “Desi Girl”.

Much love,

Jolie Asie

P.S. Psst, hey, PC. Try stealing Katrina Kaif’s makeup artist. Best makeup in the industry.

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Our reader “Ann” requested a makeup breakdown of Priyanka Chopra‘s look in the song “Alisha” from the 2010 Bollywood film “Pyaar Impossible”, co-starring Uday Chopra. I loved PC’s look in this film (and so did her hairstylist, Priyanka Borkar!) Here’s how you can achieve it.

Elaborate eye makeup is not desirable here; just go for curled lashes and mascara. Don’t forget Priyanka’s staple, green colored contacts! Lightly blend MAC Powder Blush in Mocha on your cheekbones if needed, for a hint of warm pink flush. This is a very natural look, great for high school or college, when you don’t want to look too done-up. Finish the look with young Alisha’s signature frosty pink lipstick; try MAC Lipstick in Bombshell.

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Another year, another IIFA (International Indian Film Academy awards), this time in Toronto, Canada. This year’s IIFA was full of glitz, glam, and for the most part, gorgeous-ness. Here are my picks for the beauty and fashion winners and losers of the weekend.

Without a doubt, my pick for winner of the weekend is Anushka Sharma. She dazzled in a Sabyasachi sari (show them how to make it look youthful, girl!) and a long black gown; what a figure! Love the volumized bun! Also appreciate the branching out of her usual makeup style with a dark winged cat-eye on right.

Another winner at the awards function was Shilpa Shetty. She put everyone to shame in a slinky, sequined black number on the green carpet. Only Shilpa’s waistline can pull this one off! Also like the matching of the lipstick to the clutch; very cute. To emulate, try a frosty pink lip color like MAC Lipstick in Creme de la Femme.

The runner-up is Priyanka Chopra. I loved her Manish Malhotra lahenga (the blue velvet is gorgeous and so rich); BUT, her lipstick really hurt the look for me. Think it might be MAC Lipstick in Verve. A beautiful deep blood-red with a hint of shimmer would have worked oh-so-much better. Lovely PC, what can I tell you that will get you out of your matte brownish lipsticks rut?

Now for the losers.

It pains me deeply to say this about Shahrukh Khan, because he is my first love and my absolute favorite actor. I used to have six life-size posters of his up in my bedroom. But that ridiculous hairstyle has got to go.

Where has Rahul of “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” gone? SRK’s signature haircut has been replaced by thirteen-year-old boy circa Y2K with a gravity-defying roof (minus the frosted tips, at least). Basically, it looks like he’s trying too hard to appear younger than he really is.

As spotted by highheelconfidential, Bipasha Basu and Ameesha Patel showed up on the green carpet wearing the same dress in different colors. Both actresses also acknowledged this on their Twitter pages:

Embarrassing, but in my opinion, not actually that big of a deal. What’s more pressing to me is- how on Earth did they sit down in those tiny dresses?!

I don’t know about Malaika Arora Khan. Recently I’ve been cringing a little at her wardrobe choices; as her husband gains weight and loses hair, she remains fit and fabulous, but if I were her age, I’d be covering up a little more. Too much skin-show can look desperate.

I felt awkward looking at Genelia D’Souza‘s pictures on the green carpet. Her cat eye/smoky eye makeup was over-the-top and her hair styling was amateurish. I love her playfulness but it’s consuming her in the picture on the right. Unfortunately, she’s not making it work!

What do you think about my choices for winners and losers at IIFA? Agree? Disagree? Got other favorites?

All images courtesy pinkvilla.com and highheelconfidential.com. Thank you!

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As promised, our much-anticipated Jolie Asie exclusive beauty interview with Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra‘s very own personal hair stylist, Priyanka Borkar! I had a great time interviewing Priyanka, and am eager to head out to the stores to try out her favorite products!

Meg: What are your favorite hair products for getting celebrity-quality tresses? What products do you use on Priyanka’s beautiful hair?

Priyanka: A great shampoo and conditioner is the base to all beautiful hair. My personal favourite for one and all is ‘L’Oreal Absolut Repair‘. For a straight look go with ‘Wella [High Hair] Sleek Wonder‘ and for a beachy messy look go with ‘Tigi Curls Rock‘ spray.

PC is one of the lucky few to have great quality and thickness of hair. For PC I use a variety of products depending on the look. The basic one for every look is a product called ‘Moroccan Oil‘ which acts like a serum to give it that added shine and softness. Couple of other great ones are ‘L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray‘, ‘L’Oreal Hydra Repair‘ and ‘Wella Gloss Spray‘ for extra shine to name a few.

Lots of girls want to be just like you! What is your training and experience, and how did you get your job as Priyanka Chopra’s hairstylist?

Priyanka: I worked for over 5 years in a well-known salon called Kromakay in Mumbai, where I got my training and experience. The salon has a range of loyal celebrity clients and that’s where I met Priyanka Chopra for the first time. It began with a simple blow dry at the salon, moved on to a personal appearance and then a full-fledged movie, to put it in a nutshell. And rest how they say is history!

But let me just add that however glam it may seem to all the girls out there it is a very tough job, from having days standing on the sets for 18 hours at a stretch to not being able to seeing your family for months. You gotta love what you’re doing!!!

What was your favorite hair look you created for a Priyanka Chopra movie?

Priyanka: One of my personal faves is her look in the movie ‘Pyaar Impossible’ where she carried off a short graduated bob with uber ease.

Like so many girls, I’m uncoordinated and can’t hold a hair dryer and styling brush at the same time. How can I still get glamorous hair?

Priyanka: That only can be achieved with a lot of experience. But if you really wanna do it yourself the go with hot rollers for a glam look, it works the best! And for a straight look go with a straightening iron.

How can curly-haired girls make their hair look chic?

Priyanka: There are a range of products you could choose from- hair mousse, hair cream and serum are a few essential ones to go for. And like I mentioned before ‘Tigi Curls Rock‘ works the best!

What is it like working as Priyanka Chopra’s personal hairstylist?

Priyanka: Considering her busy schedule one may think it is very difficult to manage her daily hair rituals but her vibrant spirit and professionalism make it a breeze. She is easy to work with, and not afraid to try new things. She gets a lot of inputs from different people so sometimes it gets difficult to choose one particular hairstyle but she is very open to critique and comments. She is a fun person and takes good care of her entire team.

Do you have any fun beauty-related stories about working with PC you can share?

Priyanka: Backstage moments are the most fun! One of my fave memories was at a show where she had to sport 5 different looks in 6 minutes. It was sheer madness but way too much fun!

Styling hair can lead to heat and color damage. What can we do to prevent this?

Priyanka: To avoid damage to the hair, you must always use heat protecting products which are easily available with all leading brands.

What are the biggest hair mistakes style-conscious Indian women make, and how can they fix them?

Priyanka: Always let the professionals handle it! A lot of women do not follow up or take the recommendations given to them by their personal hairstylist. That’s the biggest mistake they make. There are a million products in the market nowadays for hair. The fact that a certain product suits your friends does not mean that the same will work for you too, so do consult your hairstylist for the same.

What’s your number one hair/beauty secret?

Priyanka: Washing your hair regularly, keeping your scalp clean and brushing your hair through the day.

How should older women style hair that is thinning? Do you have any advice, styles or treatments to achieve fullness and volume?

Priyanka: I recommend  to get a shorter do – it’s easier to maintain and adds volume instantly. Also, there are shampoos, conditioners and products for thinning hair which one can go for, for instance ‘L’Oreal Volume Extreme‘.

Thanks, Priyanka!

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