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I love to write makeup breakdowns but we have to take them with a grain of salt. The amount of makeup your favorite film stars, from Bollywood to East Asia to Hollywood, wear for their films and appearances is often NOT the same amount they might wear to, say, a private party or on the weekends. Why is that?

On camera, heavy lighting washes you out, so the amount of makeup applied has to be amped up. Furthermore, post-shoot editing plays with colors and lighting on the reels, and the heroines need to have distinctly made-up features to stand out after the tinkering of film technicians.

Check out this un-retouched image of Kareena Kapoor with a full face of makeup on…

Yikes, right? I bet she was wishing she could wash her face! Blush… bronzer… highlighting powder… lipstick, probably lip liner… eyeshadow with eyeliner… and of course concealer (albeit poorly applied) and foundation.

These are all of the things that I or anyone else would list on a typical makeup breakdown, since these are the products she is wearing, but no one wants to look as caked as the women in reel life! A better route to get the above look in real life would be a tinted moisturizer, a red lip tint, and kohl-rimmed eyes.

If you are determined to go the distance and apply all of the products, it is a MUST to put on your makeup with a light and delicate hand in a very well lit room. I often check how my makeup looks in two different rooms of my house (one with artificial light, and one with natural)  just to make sure I haven’t put too much.

The point is, had this photo shoot picture been touched up with Photoshop, as nearly ALL photos of your favorite movie stars are, Bebo would have looked her usual gorgeous self; the heavy makeup would have been toned down to reasonable, FAUX-natural levels.

Of course, Photoshop doesn’t always make our stars look better… check out this recent appearance of former Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre on Hi! Living India magazine:

This one merits an egads! Sonali is honestly unrecognizable [no] thanks to some serious Photoshop butchering by the folks at Hi! Living. But like Kareena, she is wearing the works on her face… and look how much it’s been toned down.

Truly, it’s all about judgment. The best way to know if you’re wearing too much makeup? Ask your most honest friend! Particularly one who doesn’t tend to wear too much makeup. If not, try a guy friend. Men can be brutally honest with their opinions on makeup… but sometimes, we need to hear it!

So the next time you read a makeup breakdown, remember, you don’t have to do everything! Maybe you’ll copy the eye makeup and the lip makeup, but skip the blush or highlight powders. It’s the look you’re going for, and the key is to transition the makeup from film to everyday life by toning it down.

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