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Song Hye Kyo captured the hearts of many in her role as the tragic Eun-Seo in the Korean drama Autumn in my Heart.  I still remember watching that show and bawling in every episode.  Since then she’s starred in many a successful drama, become the face of Laneige, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in Korea.  She’s also blown up the internet with rumors of her love life and possible plastic surgery.  We’re going to ignore that last part (because I don’t happen to think it’s true) and continue with our guide.  So here’s how to (naturally) look like Song Hye Kyo!


Song is known for her beautiful skin.  She gets it by first eating very well.  Song stays away from chocolate, coke, black tea, and junk foods.  Instead, she feasts on fruits, vegetables, and fish!  One of her favorite dishes is pumpkin, which she says is good for health and decreases any body swelling.  She also frequently hydrates by drinking water, recommending “begin[ning] your day by drinking two glasses of water on an empty stomach” in order to reach a goal of 1.5 liters of water every day!

Song’s skincare routine is a mix of quality products and natural, DIY treatments.  She is the face of Laneige, a Korean beauty brand that is immensely popular all over Asia.  Her favorite product is the Laneige Power Essential Skin Toner, which she uses every morning and night.  She states that “although it is a toner, when applied on the face, it feels like a serum that stays longer” and that the toner is perfect for combatting dryness when she’s filming outdoors.  She also alternates between the Laneige Star Pure Treatment Mask (discontinued) and the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack to rejuvenate and refresh her skin.

Song also loves to use natural, DIY beauty treatments.  Her favorites are

1.  Egg White and Honey Mask for Whitening: Song whitens her face with a mask of one egg white mixed with a spoonful of natural, unprocessed honey (like New Zealand’s famous Manuka honey).  She applies the mask to her face and waits for it to dry before washing it off with water.  She does this once every two weeks.

2.  Honey Mask for Brightening: Song brightens her face with a mask that is one part honey, two parts water.  She massages the mask well into her skin and then rinses with water.  SHe does this every two weeks also.

3.  Ice Cube Press for Skin Firming:  Song massages her face with ice cubes in the summer to firm the skin and make her face seem smaller.


Song began exercising 4 days a week immediately after filming Autumn in my Heart.  She likes to do different types of exercise with her trainer including pilates, yoga, spin, and kick-boxing.  She also makes sure to stretch for 20 minutes before and after each exercise sessions, saying that the stretches are her favorite part.  After she exercises she takes a hot bath to relax her muscles.  She uses aroma-scented bath herbs, like lavender, in her bath to enhance her relaxation.


Song says she doesn’t “try to cover the skin under thick make-up, I just pay more attention to giving it more radiance by accentuating luminosity.”  She famously popularized BB Creams in Asia and uses Laneige Snow BB Cream instead of foundations or powders.  BB Creams enhance the skin’s natural properties while providing light coverage for blemishes.  She usually doens’t wear much color on her cheeks, just a very faint flush.  I would suggest Benefit Cosmetic’s Benetint or it’s lighter sibling Posietint for that glow-from-within look.  Add a bit of Benefit’s High Beam Luminizer on your cheekbones and down the middle of your nose for more strategic glow!

She usually only wears eyeliner and mascara on her eyes.  She uses liquid liner to draw a thin line with a slight thin wing on her upper lid and kohl to lightly line the rims of her eyes.  I would suggest Chanel’s Ecriture de Chanel Automatic Liquid Eyeliner, which is great for drawing a thin line, and MAC Eye Kohl.  Her mascara is always very natural-looking, with no clumps.  I would suggest Kiehl’s Marvelous Mineral Mascara, it gives a little length and a little thickness while keeping you looking natural!

Song likes to switch it up in the lipstick department, frequently wearing different colors, but she always sticks to lush, high gloss looks.  To mimic this try Dior Addict lipsticks which come in a variety of colors and pack a big pigment punch with a high level of gloss.

That’s how you can look like Song Hye Kyo!  Also, if you’re interested, check out this interview!

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Hey all!  I just got back from a quick weekend in the seaside town of QingDao (famous for its beautiful bay and world renowned beer) to visit my grandparents.  I came back with a bit of salt in my hair, a baggie filled with little L’Occitane goodies that I hoarded from my hotel –  the always wonderful Shangri-La (I mean c’mon, this hotel gives you L’Occitane!) – and a new beauty product to try! 

My mom’s childhood friend and her daughter Nancy both have awesome skin.  So when Nancy mentioned something called BB Cream I was all ears.  She was amazed that I didn’t know what BB Cream was!  Apparently, BB Creams are HUGE in Asia.  They were first introduced by Korean actress Song Hye Kyo (above), and are apparently the beauty product of many Korean stars.  So, for many of our Asian readers this may not be a new beauty trend after all, but for all the Americans out there, I’ve done a bit of digging for you! 

BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream.  It was originally formulated in Germany and give to laser surgery patients to protect, soothe and refine highly sensitive skin while providing light coverage for post-laser scars, acne and other blemishes.  Sounds pretty good, right?  Since then, it’s blown up in Asia.  People say it makes a great primer under foundation, while some others have replaced their foundations with BB Creams for a more natural look.  Now you’re all thinking, “wait … you’re describing tinted moisturizer”.  And I am!  But the difference is that BB Cream is good for your skin.  It’s supposed to have properties that help soften and refine skin, as well as properties that promote skin regeneration.

Well, with a review like that I had to know more!  I immediately went to Sephora  and tried out some BB Creams.  They come in a wide variety of uses (skin whitening, anti-aging, mattifying, etc.) and all of them had some form of SPF.  All BB Creams are tinted and some come in various shades for you to choose.  Others only come in one shade and are meant to match itself to your skin.  I was pretty skeptical until the one I tried, which at first appeared way too light, magically blended perfectly. 

I came home with a BB Cream by the brand Mamonde, which I believe is Korean.  I tried it on my face for the first time today and so far I love it!  It’s comfortable to wear (more comfortable than most tinted moisturizers I’ve tried) and covers some light blemishes on my face.  I picked up a formula for oily-combination skin and it’s reduced my shine, but remained natural looking.  I still have a bit of a glow going on, which I like. 

I can’t attest to the healing properties of BB Cream yet, but I can say that I wore it today instead of my usual concealer-powder routine and I love it!  I have less coverage, but the coverage is enough and I have the aforementioned glow!   I’d definitely encourage you all to give BB Creams a try! 

BB Creams are all over Asia, but rarely seen in the U.S.  For all our American readers, I suggest Amazon!  You can find almost anything there.  Popular brands include Missha, Skin 79, Mamonde, Etude, and Laneige.  If you simply google “BB Cream + your skin type” you can find a lot of helpful suggestions!  I’ll keep you posted on my BB Cream adventure and if any of you try/already use BB Creams and want to share, feel free to email me!  I’d love to hear what you guys think! 


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